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Anybody got a good way to clean UPVC windows/doors?

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  • marc.faulknermarc.faulkner Forumite
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    My new house has UPVC all around, however the front door and windows are looking a bit grey and tired.

    What's the best way of whitening them and bringing them back to their former glory?

  • Pink.Pink. Forumite
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    Hi Marc,

    There's an older thread that should help so I've merged your thread with it to keep all the suggestions together.

    Try these threads too:

    Cleaning UPVC doors.....

    cleaning upvc

  • Warning - do not read if you're eating!

    My cat was sick onthe windowsill of our conservatory, as it was a bit chilly last night I'd shut the door and not noticed she'd been sick before she left! :mad:

    On clearing it up this morning the UPVC is looking burnt, I guess from the acid, and looks like I've held a flame to it.

    She's not gone for a discreet patch....oh no....she's gone at a place where everyone will spot it unless I put a strategically placed plant but I'd rather just get it back to white.

    Any ideas? :confused: I've got white vinegar and bicarb at the ready, if needs be! :D

    Many thanks in advance
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  • Ok, might be trial and error. Paste of bicarb? Maybe some startdrops or just soap/washing up liquid tgo see if anything comes off?
  • I know that keronsene can remove yellowing from white plastic light switches and power sockets.

    It works best if you gently rub with a near-bald old sponge scourer, in a circular motion. Don't press-on too hard or you'll take the shine off the plastic.

    Most turpentine substitute is actually kerosene. Be careful not to smoke for at least half an hour afterwards, as it's highly flammable.
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  • Thanks for those replies.

    I actually resorted to bleach as I was wanting to make sure it was germ free there. I then gently rubbed it with a non-stick pan scourer and it seems to have done the trick, I've still got some shine left on it.

    Thanks again for the advice.

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  • mamanmaman Forumite
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    I need to give my UPVC conservatory a really good clean, inside and out. I've seen special UPVC cleaners in DIY stores. Are they any good, or would you OS people recommend anything else?
  • Butterfly_BrainButterfly_Brain Forumite
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    I always use Stardrops for my upvc and it works a treat- the trouble with upvc is the scratches and they can be tricky I use T cut ( the stuff they use for cars to get the scratches out, it does not do for very deep scratches though you have to live with them
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  • I got a UPVC cleaner from Lakeland,cost about £3.99 but it's lasted me since last year.It gets rid of the deep stains that would cause lasting marks and scratches if you had to rub too hard.It's left my windows and doors spotless and scratch free.I think it's well worth the money.
  • On my UPVC window frames I use garden furniture cleaner and they always come up spotless.
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