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Removing adhesive from glass



  • acrossacross Forumite
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    could try scraping it off with a paint scraper good luck!
  • nic82nic82 Forumite
    420 Posts
    Wow, thank you for all the replies. Never knew I was so popular :rotfl:

    I've given "thank yous" to you all (including the humourous posts since they made me giggle!).

    I'll let you know how I get on with the suggestions after the weekend.
  • nic82nic82 Forumite
    420 Posts
    OK, it took me a bit longer than the weekend to get around to doing it. Turps didn't work and I was a bit frightened of using a blade (I'm a wimp, I know!). However, what did work was a safety blade which is used to clean the burnt on bits on ceremic hobs. It doesn't scratch the glass whatsoever.

    I got mine online. I think the website is if anyone is interested. I didn't even think about using the hob blade until my mum suggested it and it worked perfectly.

    Thank you to everyone's suggestions.


    P.S. I've been to John Lewis and bought some of that sticky stuff remover too, and it has already been used to removed the residue from some sticky labels on a glass cabinet.
  • calmgirlcalmgirl Forumite
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    I used nail varnish remover on a cloth and followed up with hot soapy water. It worked a treat.

    I Aways recomend this stuff
    Money's too tight to mention!!!
  • tjd-tjdtjd-tjd Forumite
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    Invest in a cheap can of lighter fuel. Squirt on, leave for a few seconds to soak in and wipe off with kitchen towel. Always removes adhesive from labels etc. Like others mentioned, not on plastic!
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