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Removing adhesive from glass


We've recently had a room replastered and inevitably, plaster ended up on the windows and window frames. I've managed to remove the actual plaster but there is a lot of adhesive left on the windows which I can't get rid off.

I've tried using window cleaner and a cloth, but it just goes straight over the surface of the adhesive without removing any of it.

Has anyone got any ideas how I can remove it? I don't want to use anything sharp, in case it scratches the glass of the window, but it looks awful at the moment. The area covered by the adhesive must be about a foot square and it's right in the centre of the window.

Any advice gratefully received!


  • ariba10ariba10 Forumite
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    If you can get hold of a razor blade or a Stanly knife blade and use it almost flat you should be able to remove most things without damaging the glass.
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  • NileNile Forumite
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    Hello nic82

    I've just removed adhesive from the inside of my car windscreen, where the parking sticky labels were displayed.

    I used nail varnish remover on a cloth and followed up with hot soapy water. It worked a treat.:j

    In your position, I'd try this method before resorting to blades which might leave a permanent scrape or scratch mark on the glass.

    I hope that helps

    Kind Regards

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  • what about thinners/white spirit :confused:

    Alternatively I always keep a bottle of loctite glue remover - this works a treat :j
  • Lakeland and I think John Lewis do a pretty cheap product called Sticky Stuff remover which is orange scented and does not contain any nasties. This works a treat on gluey residues.
  • DSmiffyDSmiffy Forumite
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    nail varnish remover or turps works a treat. Won't work on anything plastic though, just makes it go a funny cloudy colour and will eventually melt it. Hope that helps
  • RedOnRedRedOnRed Forumite
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    White spirits stinks. I always use (very carefully) meths to remove adhesive and it does the job brilliantly.
  • PoppycatPoppycat Forumite
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    White spirit as said is a great adhesive remover and its a great at cleaning grease. True it stink but doesn't smell for long.

    Meths is good at cleaning car windscreens and it evaporates in air when on contact and is one of the next degreasers for that job.
  • Any metal polish wadding or just the fluid from a can of liquid metal polish on a cloth or cotton wool ( do not shake the tin as the fine abrasive in it allways settles ) will shift allmost any adhesive !

  • Rex_MundiRex_Mundi Forumite
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    In the glass trade if we come accross hard to remove adhesive, we've always used either a blade (used absolutely flat on the glass) to scrape the glue off, or (sounds bad but it DOESN'T scratch the glass) fine wire wool.

    Depending on the type of glue used, the above methods used alongside either white spirits, thinners, or soap and water (washing up liquid) will help.

    If the plasterers have left glue on the windows. The only thing I can think they may have used is PVA to seal the walls/ceilings before they plaster (this may have splashed around as they brushed it on). This is a water based glue, and will soften if it is soaked with water.

    I would always try a blade first to remove glue alongside any thinners/spirit/soap that softens it. For any small bits left, a wad (handfull) of fine wire wool soaked in the thinners will clean the window completely.
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  • TeerahTeerah Forumite
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    I have a can of this adhesive remover from Maplins in the house which works really well and doesnt damage surface
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