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Savers Rights: Name & Shame Accounts which hide interest rates

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  • grandma247grandma247 Forumite
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    My co op isa has the rate on the bottom of the statement as well as what i could get if I put a lot more money in ( I wish)
  • bluejosiahbluejosiah Forumite
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    I have an account with Cahoot online, who periodically send an email when the interest rate changes. I've just been online to see how easy it is to find it and it was very easy...though they say "Start saving from £1 and earn a great rate of 1.00% gross p.a./AER (variable)." Great?! :o
  • tindellatindella Forumite
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    Have to agree on

    Yorkshire Building Society

    Interest rate is next to your account information when you check online. Also appears on home page - but the letters do arrive later so if you don't bank online it takes longer to find out. I expect that's the same for everyone - and have to say they have kept the rates higher for longer than banks. so :T to them as I'm one of those who depends on interest for income.
  • Stavros_3Stavros_3 Forumite
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    Bradford & Bingley, shame, in fact they are a set of smiley35.gif
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  • eddaedda Forumite
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    The worst - ING (for both on website and if you ring up - staff can't help)

    Not perfect, but I like the link on the front page of Dunfermline B. Soc. It points to rates for all historic and closed accounts. Once there, you need to know the account name but it's only one click to reach the correct page. :cool:
  • grade15grade15 Forumite
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    I wrote to HSBC about this exact thing with its online service but they said that they can't do that..but you can go through all its hoops hidden somewhere on its over loaded website and if your lucky, you might just find it..
    also I said why not send a email about a new product they are offering and give the customer the chance to move to the new product..(i.e ISA saver 2 issue 3% is out whilst the customer has ISA saver 1 issue 2%) hassle free. but again they can't do that.
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  • zebedyzebedy Forumite
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    I have been finding it hard to find this information so have been emailing them to ask the specific question.
    It's particularly hard to find information from Egg and A&L

    The petition is a great idea and I've signed it.
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  • Alliance & Leicester display the interest rates on their website, but normally when you open an account (such as I have done in the past) they include a bonus interest rate.

    When I tried to find out if the interest rate displayed on their website, includes any bonus rate, it doesn't state this information. If you contact an advisor through ebanking (email) they refer you back to the website!

    After speaking to about four people who all told me different information I eventually found out the rate does include the bonus. But it wouldn't surprise me if this is probably wrong anyway! The Santander way is spreading...

    Anyways, I've signed the position...
  • Abbey National decide to pay my elderly, blind mother less than 1/2% (that is one half of 1 %) when BoE base rates were in the order of 4 to 5%. This only came to light after my step father died. I've complained to Abbey, the Financial Ombudsman and my MP. Anyone I talk to agrees its shocking but I can't find anyone to help fight my/her corner. Any tips?
  • A summary of the savings accounts I have:

    ING - they have an easy-to-spot link to "Interest Rates" when viewing account transactions. This opens a new window with a choice of 4 accounts to check the interest rate for. Only straightforward because of the small number of accounts listed.

    Halifax - the interest rate is shown at the top of the page when viewing account transactions. Top marks for clarity, bottom marks for the interest rate (0.10%!).

    ICICI - not terribly straightforward. On the homepage, you first need to click on "HiSave Accounts", then on "HiSave Savings Accounts" to take it away from the default to Fixed-Rate accounts, then on Interest Rates.

    Nationwide - from the Homepage, click on the Savings tab at the top, then (in my case) "Instant Access Accounts". There are several accounts listed but I found it easy to find mine.

    Barclays - from the Homepage, click on "Savings" at the top, then on "Compare All Savings Accounts" on the left hand side and find your account in the list.

    I am disappointed that 4 out of the 5 above accounts don't show your interest rate when you are looking at your account details. I am also disappointed that the only one that is clear about the interest rate is paying such a low amount that you may as well not even bother!!

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