Empty loaf bags, what do you use yours for?

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Empty loaf bags, what do you use yours for?

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sb44sb44 Forumite
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edited 30 November -1 at 12:00AM in Old Style MoneySaving
For some reason I have started folding and saving my empty loaf bags, don't know why as I haven't done it before.

I just emptied the crumbs out of one the other week, folded it and put it away and have been doing it with the last few since.


Now, do I need to throw these away or can someone please come to my rescue and tell me that I am not going mad and give me some ideas what I can use them for other than storing homemade bread in.





  • daskadaska Forumite
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    I've only ever seen people use them to take their packed lunches in - is a good question!

    if they're biodegradable then you might be able to use them to line a compost caddy?
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  • I use mine as poo bags......for the dogs
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  • My OH uses them as sandwich bags.
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  • I use them instead of clingfilm. Put half onions, turnip, celery etc. saves them drying out. Then you could throw them away knowing they've been reused at least once.
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  • JulieMJulieM Forumite
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    I reuse bread bags for freezing home made cakes. I store the empty bags in the fridge or freezer till I need them so that any stray breadcrumbs that may have been left behind don't go mouldy. Glad I'm not the only one who can't bear to throw these away!
  • We have an open fire so I keep all these sort of bags - i.e loaf, banana and the paper bags fruit and veg comes in from market stalls. I keep one by the sink and any burnable rubbish goes in it and at the end of the day I put it on the fire.
  • kitschkittykitschkitty Forumite
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    With the normal sliced loaf bags my mum has always just used them as a sandwich bag once you get through the loaf. I do if I remember, but I have a terrible habit of forgetting to toast the crusts, then realising they've gone mouldy- so don't want to reuse a mouldy bread bag!

    Paper bags always just go in the recycling, the bags from supermarket bakery products just end up straight in the bin as they rip apart.
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  • JayneCJayneC Forumite
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    I use them as sandwich bags, freezer bags, as a cover for leftover food that goes in the fridge-if it's on a plate you can put the whole thing in the bag and it doesn't dry out.! I'm a bit obsessive about re-using things, I save marg tubs too for sandwhich boxes and storing food in the freezer - ideal for individual portions:D
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  • maybe use them once for taking sarnies to work in, but then chuck them!! I am cleaning my grandma's house whilst she is in hospital ad she has hoarded loads of the bl00dy things.... its a bit depressing!
  • jennet1jennet1 Forumite
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    I use them as freezer bags
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