The Great 'Cheap but Romantic Gifts' Hunt

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The Great 'Cheap but Romantic Gifts' Hunt

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MSE_MartinMSE_Martin Money Saving ExpertMoneySaving Expert
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edited 30 November -1 at 1:00AM in Shop but don't drop
Maybe I'm getting soft in my old age, but i thought it was time to help out all those looking to get gifts for loved ones, but are a little short of cash. Let's make people smile.

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  • aliasojoaliasojo Forumite
    23.1K posts
    When my other half and I met, we were both divorced and both skint so we never had much money to play with in the early days.

    My birthday was coming up and I made him promise not to buy me anything as we just didn't have any spare cash. When the day came, he gave me a large box which unwrapped to reveal a smaller box etc etc etc and in the end I found a tape he'd made of all the songs that meant something to us. Didn't cost anything but his time, and that's what made it meaningful.

    (Alternatively, for those who think that's a bit soppy - a bar of chocolate always goes down well! ;) ;D )
    Herman - MP for all! :)
  • Agent_CAgent_C Forumite
    540 posts
    Part of the Furniture 100 Posts
    For the past couple of Christmases I have bought a calendar making kit (https://www.aktivdirect.co.uk do one with two blank calendars and software for £15.99, and you can buy the blank calendars separately for £5.99) and made a calendar for my other half with pictures I'd taken throughout the year when we were on holiday/days out etc. I also did one for my parents with pictures of my nephew and the family when we were kids. These have always gone down really well... great for doting grandparents!

    With my new digital camera bargain (50% off from Boots) and bargain Aldi PC, I can also make photo CDs and DVDs with soundtracks for friends and relatives, again much more personal than a shop bought present!

    Plus for a work colleague who was leaving, I had a mouse mat made with a picture of all our team on so that she'd never forget us in her new job! It cost about £8. There are many high street stores and websites who offer this service (eg https://www.yourdesign.co.uk/) and you can also get mugs etc made as well.
  • Tania_2Tania_2 Forumite
    108 posts
    1.Have soak in bath with bargains from Boots (or free with Advantage Card). Make yourself smell lurvely.

    2.Light a few candles and arrange around the room (for best effects do when night time) - Do not set fire to house, this is not romantic.

    3.Slip into something comfortable (free from a Redoute code)?

    4.Place a rug in the middle of room (preferably one bought for free from Redoute)

    3.With bargains ordered from Tescos or Sainsburys with money off codes and free delivery, make a sexy picnic for 2.

    4.Open the chilled Virgin champagne (3 bottles for £6 (ish))

    5.Turn on the music - bargain music centre from Boots (£26 instead of £99).



    PS If you are on your own, there is a thread for something that buzzes and is free, so you can enjoy the evening by yourself. I'm sure someone knows and will enlighten you all. ::)
  • Tania_2Tania_2 Forumite
    108 posts
    Or, a SMILE :)

    Wear nothing but a smile for your partner. FREE xxx

    Tip - Don't try this outside, unless very adventurous, or may be expensive if fined for showing your parts :-[
  • cheap_sk8cheap_sk8 Forumite
    15 posts
    Order your loved one a cheapo box of carnations ... and get some free chocs thrown in, with free delivery from http://www.bunches.co.uk/

    cos i am such a cheapskate
    Snootchie Bootchies!
  • SystemSystem
    177.7K posts
    10,000 Posts
    Thats great - a present for my mum and a free box of strawberry creams thrown in
  • lellielellie Forumite
    1.5K posts
    make your own bathbombs.. cheap and great fun.. google for recipes.. there are hundreds of fab ones..

    Mixtapes are also fantastic.. better still are cd compilations cos they store more songs and are better quality ;) make a pretty cover for it.. although mixtapes take longer so are more romantic..
  • jase_2-2jase_2-2 Forumite
    25 posts
    Kinda the same as aliasojo - for my wife (then girlfriend)'s 21st, I found out what all her favourite songs were by asking her parents and brother. I then burnt a 4 volume set to cd, and also found all the lyrics for all the songs and made a booklet with all the lyrics in. It took me a hell of a lot of time - didn't cost much and was very very much appreciated.

    The other thing I used to do (not so much impact now that the advert has changed), was to buy a packet of Rolos and eat all except one, wrap it in the silver foil and give it to my wife (hence the advert - do you love anyone enough to give them your last rolo) - always went down a treat, and I got some choccies in the bargain (and what a good marketing ploy)

    stay lucky!
  • mrworldmrworld Forumite
    34 posts
    IDEA: Use the LA Redoute codes and get him/ her something.

    "Mrworld doesnt run a giftshop but if he did it would probably be the best gift shop in the world"
    Be ALERT - The world needs more LERTS
  • KGKG Forumite
    333 posts
    Hmm - call me suspicious, but methinks Martin may have a (very badly) hidden agenda here.

    Recent discussions - 'cheapest and best internet dating', 'cheap places to take a date', and now 'cheap but romantic gift's...

    I reckon the guru is in lurrrve.... Ahh, bless...


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