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my water bills are v high and i was wondering if anyone has any smart ideas to reduce them without huge life changes (and body odour), I have a save bag in my loo but wasn't sure if there was anything else?
May 2015 £10 a day currently £208


  • HadrianHadrian Forumite
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    Put a half brick in your toilet cistern. Best of all tell your water supplier you want a meter. What's a 'save bag', am i missing something?
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    Hadrian wrote:
    Put a half brick in your toilet cistern. Best of all tell your water supplier you want a meter. What's a 'save bag', am i missing something?

    I assume something like this it is a bag that either displaces the water. Or the water hippo is thick plastic and it like a box and has an open top so it keeps the water in when the loo is flushed so the cistern fills up with less water.

    I know about as clear mud.


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  • mhendomhendo Forumite
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    A HIPPO will save up to 3.5 litres of water per flush.

    For modern cisterns (slim-line), you can get a "Save a flush" which is a little self expanding bag which displaces up to 1 litre of water.

    Summary here...
  • penrhynpenrhyn Forumite
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    Don't bath, use the shower.

    Water your plants with dish water.

    No need to flush the loo after every pee follow this little rhymn:
    If its yellow let it mellow, if its brown flush it down!

    O yes and have a water meter fitted.
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    Share a bath with your partner,romantic and saves water
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  • Me and my wife bath all the time together so this must be using as much water as two individual showers?
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  • Hi,
    Ive got so much spare water I don't know what to do with it. If you can collect its free....joking aside, my water butts are overflowing so I feed them into a large garden pond, which gives me a big enough reservoir to water most things in the garden all summer. Additions to my traditional water butts are the large black plastic water feeder tanks that everyone is throwing out from their lofts as they convert to combi heating systems. Use the outside tanks for washing the car as well. My bills are down 10% now as I never use the hose...guess it doesn't solve your personal hygiene problem indoors...Mark
  • dbsdbs Forumite
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    Why not use rainwater to flush the toilet after you go for a pee use a bucket half should be enough.
  • Or just pee on the garden (soil not leaves) - most fertilizers are urea-based.
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    I wonder if people realize the cost of a litre of water?

    I pay about 0.15 pence which includes the cost of sewerage.

    Now I am all for saving money; but leaving toilets unflushed? Carrying in rainwater and pouring that in the loo? in 2006? Come on - you cannot be serious!

    How on earth do you justify a computer and the internet?
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