Around the World in 80 dinner parties - Ideas please.

My neighbour and I take turns to host a dinner party with a different countries cuisine each time.

So far there has been:

Moroccan - Me
Chinese - Her
Indian - Me
French - Her
Italian has already been bagsied for the summer by the neighbour!

It is my turn March and I have used all my trump cards!

I don't eat fish of any kind, I am willing to spend a little more than usual but it is a three course meal for 4 + 2 babies! with a max spend of £15, so I don't want really expensive ingredients.

My only thought at the moment is go Greek and Mousakka for the main but don't know about pudding or starter.

I'd love to come up with something really original.

Thanks as always x


  • How about English! Soup/ Roast Beef Yorkies/ Treacle Sponge and Custard yum yum

    Or go Greek and do a Feta Salad to start and Baklava for desert

    Aussie and do a BBQ (I love winter Barbies!) although could be expensive with large meat elements

    African and do Ostrich meat/kudu etc although not sure on starters/pudding

    American - Burgers and Fries and Sundae for desert

    caribbean - goat curry/jerk chicken etc try ths website

  • how about Spanish?

    Gazpacho or Pan con tomate for starters/ or a tapas dish you all like

    chickpea and chorizo stew/ chicken paella for main with bread and salad (or i have a lovely spanish chorizo pasta dish)

    creme catalana or churros and chocolate for dessert
  • rachbc
    rachbc Posts: 4,461 Forumite
    Thai - green chicken curry and coconut something for pud?
    Belgium - moules frites (do you eat seafood that isn't fish?) and waffles for pud
    Spain - tapas or paella
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  • xxvickixx
    xxvickixx Posts: 2,773 Forumite
    Good ideas, I was really struggling on this months and wondered if we would make it to the end of the year!

    I have a phobia of eating fish at all, even if it is hidden, like no Woucestershire sauce. I can't eat Thai unless I have made it from scratch because of the fish sauce.

    I'm also a bit squeamish about eating unusual meat, just chicken, pork, beef and lamb for me I'm afraid. I know it sounds terribly boring, I put it down to my Mum surprising us at the end of the meal with things like "you know the stew you've just eaten, well it was reindeer!". She used to do this quite a bit when Tesco went through an experimental period in the early to mid 90's. The yellow sticker cabinets were full of crazy stuff!
  • irish?

    potato soup for starters with soda bread

    irish stew/ dublin coddle for main with champ or colcannon

    baileys choc cheesecake or guiness cake for dessert
  • how about scottish

    scotch broth

    Haggis,neeps and tatties/ mince and tatties/

    cranachan/ deep fried mars bars/clootie dumpling/tipsie laird

    am sure some scottish or irish people will come on with better ideas.....i was just trying to think of some obvious foods
  • Bogof_Babe
    Bogof_Babe Posts: 10,803 Forumite
    Swiss - fondue followed by apple strudel (or swiss roll lol).
    :D I haven't bogged off yet, and I ain't no babe :D

  • south american

    corn cakes with chilli and coriander relish

    steak with chimichurri salsa

    maracuya mousse( passion fruit) or postre de manzana ( apple slices)
  • you could also have menus from germany,poland,sweden, denmark,turkey,portugal,middle east,mexico, sure I could come up with some food from here if you needed to know....have lived in a few latin american/mediterranean places
  • champys
    champys Posts: 1,101 Forumite
    What a fun game! It will get more and more interesting as you move into less obvious cuisines....
    How about Swiss, with fondue or raclette or rosti etc? Or Hungarian with goulash and stuffed pancakes for dessert? Mexican should be quite easy too: apparently almond flan is a typical pudding there, and you could have nachos baked over with cheese for starters - or something avocado..... I can think of lots of others, German, Indonesian, Basque. This thread will bring more, I'm sure. Good luck and let us know how you progress!
    "Remember that many of the things you have now you could once only dream of" - Epicurus
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