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  • Based on your outgoings and based on using your oh's full wage you would only need to find another £500 or so to keep up with your current outgoings. Sounds alot but can be done.

    And dont beat yourself up about spending, all of us have done it and it does take something like losing your income to make us realise. Least you havent buried your head in the sand.....

    good luck,
    love rags
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  • Most of the problem has been that although the income looks a lot all but 1100 pcm is mine and OH only gives me £800 per month so just trying to talk him into putting money together.

    Ruby - unsolicited advice is very welcome! Thank you
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  • Thanks Rags - just working on OH to get him to use his income, he says yes but actually handing it over is another matter...lol. I am amazoning and ebaying like mad to make up the difference and trying some of the mini challenges to make money.
    Sealed Pot Challenge #623, Boots points = 619
    Current Debts: £62K
  • Hi :hello: and well done for posting and welcome to the boards.

    The main thing that stands out for me is that your OH is only paying you £800 per month, yet your mortgage and secured loan is more than that. On top of that it looks like you are paying his mobile phone bill, the maintenance for his children, the food costs and all other household related bills. I might have got it completely wrong, and I apologise if I have, but is it possible to try and have a talk with him and explain the situation, then that might be the best way to go forward.

    Does he know of the debt you are in? Do you think he will be agreeable to come on board with you so you can face this together and sort it out together? I wish you all the best and once again well done for having your LBM and coming on this wonderful forum where you will get lots of great advice, help and support.
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  • Hi Turnaround Sue,

    Just to clarify OH pays me £800 towards household bills and does some general shopping he pays £1100 for his loan and maintenance out of his own money but that leaves him with £1600 a month wheras I have his £800 plus my money to pay everything else and I buy all gifts for birthdays & xmas and most of the real shopping (he buys wine for himself and cigarettes mostly)

    He thinks I am mad for being on these boards and feels it gives away too much personal info for identity theft etc. (I might add he works in IT Security) so no way he would listen... Just trying to make him add our money together so that things are so bad as at the moment it looks like we have a lot but when separate I can't afford everything as I pay all childcare I just can't afford it so really hoping he is gonna come through for me when I am not earning as I supported us when he didn't work for a year.
    Sealed Pot Challenge #623, Boots points = 619
    Current Debts: £62K
  • Hi Lindsey,

    I agree with Turnaroundsue that you should have a chat with OH. If he doesnt realsise how much debt you're in then he wont offer any help.

    Is the debt completely down to you?
  • Debt is down to me as in it is in my name but some of it is from when I was married and Ex didn't have to pay it and things like credit cards we spent together in that they paid for all shopping and xmas pressies but they are in my name.
    Sealed Pot Challenge #623, Boots points = 619
    Current Debts: £62K
  • zack1978
    zack1978 Posts: 16 Forumite

    Stop paying the Currys 'What ever happens Insurance' you don't need it as you have a manufactuers 1 yr warranty £20 saved

    Switch to one mobile and PAYG (orange)

    Lose the Sky and get a Freeview Box £68 saved

    Leave work about 20 mins earlier and find a free Parking space and walk to office £120 saved

    Lose Cars and take the bus, bike

    Shop at Aldi or Lidil, or visit Morrison or Asda at around 6pm as thats when the Whoops stickers come out :-)

    Take sandwiches to work instead of eating out at lunch

    Check electricity bill to see if they are estimates , and check the meter readings correspond to whats written on the statement
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  • Zack,

    Thanks for your reply. Sky needs to stay although reduced as it gives me free broadband which would be £30 pm.

    Work in Slough town centre = No free parking anywhere and a million traffic wardens all side streets are metered + don't know my way around as live 60 miles away from there but no issue as only working there 1 more week.

    Mostly shop at Costco so buy cheap brands in bulk to save.

    Sandwiches - Need to take sandwiches so got to get motivated to do it and actually buy things to go in them.

    Pay gas & electric on DD so get all discounts I can and DD is based on previous usage. Also water is not metered so have to pay the fixed fee for year.
    Sealed Pot Challenge #623, Boots points = 619
    Current Debts: £62K
  • Supose the ex thing makes it a bit awkward for you but you are a partnership now so still have that chat and i hope you can get it sorted.

    Best of luck

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