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Staff Discount cards - How much do you save?

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  • KarnamKarnam Forumite
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    similar to arcadia where you get a 'staff discount credit card' and the discount only comes off when you get your statement
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  • ka7eka7e Forumite
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    My son works in Sainsburys and I am named on his discount card. He is allowed one named person, either spouse or direct family member, to get his 10% discount. At Christmas and various other times of the year the discount rises to 15%, but that is offset by JS no longer issuing Xmas staff bonuses.
    My daughter and her bf get free admission and drinks in clubs where he teaches salsa. No great saving as they are both teetotal!
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  • Well my staff discount runs to 10% off list price of the goods manufactured and marketed by my company.... which meant that that last time I bought something I'd have been £120 worse off going for the staff deal than with my own nose..... not bad for an item that was under £300 list.
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  • rebl43rebl43 Forumite
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    We pay a total of £110 per month for our (rented)3 bed semi, water rates and council tax thanks to my husbands "Staff discount"!
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  • gingerdadgingerdad Forumite
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    we get free tickets to a number of tourist attractions, that we do work for.

    the best staff deals are in the travel industry, used to work for BA and BMI and had some wonderful trips for next to nothing

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  • In addition to 25% off in John Lewis and 12% off in Waitrose, I get 10% off British Museum shop and cafes, free entry to paid exhibitions there and in the Tate galleries, free entry to Royal Academy exhibitions, free entry to English Heritage properties, free entry to Wetlands and Wildfowl Trust centres and 50% off theatre and visitor attraction tickets up to £60 a year, plus a few other things I can't remember!
  • i work for sainsburys and get 10% discount, o.h works for tesco and i get his 10% discount card
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  • When my 16 yr old dd workd at TKMaxx in the run up to Christmas she got 10% off for herself, her spouse, children and her dependant foster children but not her Mum and Dad who support her!
  • nearlyrichnearlyrich Forumite
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    I get about 30% off goods in our staff shop, includes DVD's, CD's and consumer electronics, we also have a website with the full range of our kit on at similar discount.
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  • I work as an engineer on the underground and I get a free bus and tube pass for life and one for my partner too

    potential saving is thousands on travel cards etc
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