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Staff Discount cards - How much do you save?

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Staff Discount cards - How much do you save?

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I am a 17 year old student and work weekends at Marks & Spencers :T and get 20% off..

This saving means I can save 30p on a £1.50 m&s sandiwch while at College (I usually buy two and save 60p = £3.00 a week saving)

We spent £40.00 on a shop at M&S and got £8 off!

What staff discount do you get?


  • kazzykazzy Users Awaiting Email Confirmation
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    don't you buy your food or sandwiches in the staff shop???? well cheap in there isn't it??When I worked for M & S i got some real bargains-An£80 jacket for £2.Loads of cheap food.
    I now work for a building society-unfortunately we do not get discount on money!!(much better pay though!!)00000035.gif
    I want money..........that's what I want !!:j
  • wife gets about 30% off empire stores and I can get cheap pc / video games with mine so we don't do too bad. Even sell some stuff on amazon and ebay.
    you go all your life thinking that money and comfort will bring you happiness only to find all you need is something to be enthusiastic about.:j
  • impy78impy78 Forumite
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    A 5% discount on insurance. Which I don't need. (Totally underwhelmed!)

    We do get 20% off at our local Thai resteraunt though! Much more useful!!!!
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  • when i worked at the body shop we got 50% off. dont know if they still do that.
    It was a great deal as it included sale stuff!
  • Wings_of_AmbitionWings_of_Ambition Forumite
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    IKEA staff discount used to be 15%

    Best discount scheme I've ever had is when working for Virgin. As you can imagine, the company is MASSIVE, and Mr Branson has his fingers in so many pies, that there's a discount for pretty much everything you need!
  • SystemSystem
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    If you work for Telewest, you get free tv, broadband and phone package. They also match what you put in your personal pension and you can get a £20 eye examination voucher every 12 months.
  • My wife getting 25% off John Lewis and 12.5% off waitrose :D
  • wirmwirm Forumite
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    I work for Tesco and get a 10% discount off everything except petrol/cigs/lottery etc.

    We also have a website with special offers - cheap dvd rental code - cheap 02 pay monthly contract

    Every christmas and april we are given loads of vouchers and we get some given to use throughout the year too.
  • When I worked in Pizza Hut it was 50% off in your home hut for you and 3 others and the discount card which gave 25% off eat in only Monday to Friday AM (not including set meals). Even then they were making massave profit because the pizzas only cost pennys to make and produce.
    :j Draco dormiens nunquam titillandus :j

  • wirmwirm Forumite
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    I can't give my discount card to anyone to use unless I am there. If I do give it to someone (parent/spouse etc) and get caught I will get the sack straight away.

    I can transfer it into someone's name for them to use but then I can't use it....bit harsh I know! :(
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