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Its my hubby's birthday in Feb and I'm stoney broke from christmas still. I'd like to make him make pressie or two but am stumped for ideas. He's a bit of a techie geek which makes most presents very expensive. So far all I can think of making is a case for his new ipod. I did a big frame of pcitures of our family for our wedding presnt which he loved but can't do that again...I can sew, knit a tiny bit and cook and all sugesstiions gratefully received

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  • mioliere
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    Hi Rach - my DH always welcomes a cake made especially for him. Would he wear a woolly hat, because that's something you could knit, and maybe some fingerless gloves which always come in handy on cold days. For more of a joke present, perhaps you could knit him a 'shelf' doll to sit on his desk? Here's a link to some freebie patterns

    They're the kind of thing I've made for my DH when we've been really short of money, and he always appreciates the effort. If your DH is a football fan, you could knit one in his team's colours.

    In years gone by, we've often been broke around birthday time. One year, my DS2 and I wrapped up one slipper from each of us for DH! Another year, my DH and DS1 wrote lots of lovely messages to me down the sides of spent matches - I loved them and still have them. It took them ages to do, because the writing had to be so small - they wrapped them up in a huge box, too!

    Hope these ideas help.

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    Love the matches idea.

    I've already decided to make a dalek cake (must be mad)

    I may knit him a hat - his current one he has had since he was 3 - it still has the mothercare label in it!
    People seem not to see that their opinion of the world is also a confession of character.
    Ralph Waldo Emerson
  • falady
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    hi there,

    What about writing out your wedding vows / readings on the computer and make it look pretty with a border, nice font, photo etc, then frame them. You can get cheap frames from wilkinsons that look nice, and boots often has 2 for 1 on photo frames.


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  • Hi,

    Our Local boots had desk calendars that you insert your own photo's into in their 75% off sale, they worked out about 1.75 each, I know Jan has gone, but could be a nice top-up pressie for the rest of the year if he has a desk at work? Pound shops often do high gsm photo paper in 6" x 4" if you have a colour printer? The Wedding vows idea from falady sounds fab! Also, if he likes the cinema, keep an eye on the free cinema tickets thread, tonight will be the second time we take advantage of one of their offers & last time it was a great, guilt-free way of having an evening out!

    Maz x
  • mummysaver
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    How about a cd of songs that all mean something to him? I did this for a friend for their 50th birthday as aside from being broke there was absolutely nothing he wanted or needed! I included the number one from when he was 16, 18, 21, a song that was played everywhere when he had his first holiday with mates, a couple of his favourites by his favourites artists. I even got several of his pals to help out, and write a tiny bit about the songs they picked to say why they were special songs, and then put all these together scrapbook stylee, copied it and turned it into the cd insert. He really loved it!

    Another things you can do is fill a box with lots of little bits and write why you think they are useful - if you google emergency kit you will find lots of suggestions.
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  • i always bake birthday cakes when im skint, for a jamaican friend a huge pineapple upside down cake with rum glaze, for an australian a stack of coconut lamingtons, whatever suits the person and reminds them of childhood cakes!!
    on the techie front why not buy some sort of diy electric project from maplin!!
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  • How about some I.O.U's I owe you one Back Massage. I owe you one special home cooked meal. I owe you one cosy night in etc.
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    Being a bloke i would like nothing better than a nice cooked meal over candle light followed by some very personal I.O.U IYSWIM :whistle: :whistle:
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    How much of a geek?

    Knitty have a pattern for a binary scarf, and if you can sew and he's into half life (and things of that ilk) have a look at some of the sewing patterns kicking about the web.

    If he's a Firefly fan maybe a Jayne hat? Could always find someone with a rabbit and steal some hay for the packing for authenticity.

    My hubby is an uber geek and likes things like QI. So I got him a couple of books from Amazon calle dthe Pedants Revolt and the Pedants Return. Very much in a QI style/General Ignorance
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  • Why not look on the special occasions and celebrations thread where there are loads of ideas for birthday presents.
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