Great ‘How to haggle down rent’ Hunt

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    Hi thankyou, but doesnt that mean I have paid another one months rent in advance for the month I am not living there ? I cant get my head round how it works, I appreciate the deposit is kept untiil after they make sure we have paid bills etc., - thanks :confused:

    Hi sorry - what I mean is, the usual process is that whilst you are in the property, you have to pay rent on the usual day, until the check out has been completed by the agent/landlord and you leave the property.

    Perhaps speak to the agent and check, easier to do it by the book so no-one can say you went against the rules :beer:
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  • Hi sorry - what I mean is, the usual process is that whilst you are in the property, you have to pay rent on the usual day, until the check out has been completed by the agent/landlord and you leave the property.

    Perhaps speak to the agent and check, easier to do it by the book so no-one can say you went against the rules :beer:

    Hi thankyou yes your right I will sort it out with the agent tomorrow - thanks for your help :beer:
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    We are new landlords and our student son will be one of the tenants. If we get no-one else in, our income, based on what he is saving by not paying for uni accommodation, will be about 1.5% of capital expenditure. So any other rooms we let will help get income back to what our savings were yielding before rates dropped. So to work out the rent we want we are looking at what others are asking in the area but also calculating what we need to give a fair return. We do have the advantage that we don't have a mortgage!

    But we do need 2 or 3 others to spread the bills....
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    I have a policy whereby I don't increase the original rent if a tenant stays on, and many have done for two or three years at a time. I'd rather have good tenants at a lower rent than try to get the highest possible rent with tenants who then may not have such good relations with me. Plus if tenants become unhappy that I'm trying to squeeze every last penny out of them and leave early then any void means the financial gain is lost. I also keep the place well maintained and, for example, will improve and refurbish during the lifetime of a contract where I've got good tenants who look after the place. When those tenants leave, I'll usually give the place a good lick of paint and increase the rent at that stage. I've never had a problem with voids.

    I've only ever reduced the rent once, (at my last renewal where two tenants were leaving and one staying) because the tenancy had been going for a while and I hadn't done any refurbs and the place was a bit shabbier than I'd have liked. The existing tenant didn't ask for this! I let the place without a problem and now slightly regret the decrease! I've improved the property quite a bit since and will be putting the rent back to the higher rate when these tenants, who only want a six month tenancy, move out. I guess I've benefited from having rent paid whilst the redecorating work went on though, so it's swings and roundabouts.
  • How to get a rent reduction:-

    "Many clients are registering to find new accommodation and making multiple offers. Once they have secured a cheaper rent elsewhere, they are asking their existing landlord to match the offer."


    "The amount of available rental accommodation has increased sharply in the past year as corporate demand has dried up and the poor housing market has meant would-be vendors have been unable or disinclined to sell their homes.

    This week, the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors said the glut of properties available to let was weighing down on rents.

    Some tenants are also asking landlords to pass on the reduction in mortgage costs brought about by the sharp fall in interest rates."
    RENTING? Have you checked to see that your landlord has permission from their mortgage lender to rent the property? If not, you could be thrown out with very little notice.
    Read the sticky on the House Buying, Renting & Selling board.

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    last place i moved from the landlord offered to reduce the rent by half, 500 - 250 for a 3 bed semi.Had to move because we where living in his junk store and after 2 years he had done very little to remove his stuff, despite him otherwise being a nice chap (for a change).

    Going to look at a place later this week, 3 flats in the same block. They are all on rightmove for £395, im going to offer £350, i will go to £375. If i dont get it i can simply move on to the next place, lots of choice out there.

    How much are people managing to negotiate off rent these days?
  • we have been in our rented property for over 15yrs, started on £30 per week as we had to live there for the job. then they changed it to everyone could move out but we stayed and were protected. over the years this has all gone and our rent has risen dramatically over the last 3 years to £320 per month. the house was in a terrible state when we moved in so we have spent alot of our own money to get it to the standard it is now. the LL is a large utility company and rarely/never maintain the houses. only ever get emergency repairs. we put in our own central heating boiler, interior decorated, garden maintained, everything a good tenant should do. thats fine. what the problem is they want another increase of £60 per month, which i think is excessive. our problem is the rent is cheap anyway but we are right next to a sewage works ( smell & flies) and they dont give any reason why the increase or when these hikes will stop! no communication except these letters which are very scary!
    do we have any rights over the property as we have been here so long and how can they keep asking for such alot of money with no return?
  • I let a couple veiw my property and they put in a cheeky rental offer to the LA of 75.00 (which i rejected) below what the rent was.Imediatly i had someone else to veiw who was more than suitable i got a call from LA to say couple were sat in office to ready to sign ..of which i said i dont want them......i was showing some else round who i felt was more suitable ,,ie only one person (less wear and tear, and they only be living in it for half of the week , as they go home for the weekend)....Anyway LA said the young couple were really dissapointed and were kicking themselves for asking for a moral of story is....if you like it , just pay, because you just may miss out on a lovely property....
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