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Thanks to everyone in the MSE club for helping me to become a better saver.

My savings so far are:

£27.50 / month Changed my sky package
£9.00 / month gas & electric
£6.32 / month prescription card
£16.78 / month car insurance
£4.91 / month mobile phone

5.6% on current account balance

The car insurance is with the same company that I have been with for 3 years. I did an online quote an couldn't believe the difference so I called them to ask why and they couldn't give me a reason. They advised me to cancel and order online. I also paid up front to avoid the nasty DD charges.

I have an offset mortgage already but I hadn't bothered switching my current account. I was getting 0.1% interest on my curr, now I'm getting 5.7%.

I have applied for a skycard but in the words of Diana Ross, "I'm still waiting". Called them today and the message was, "We have experienced an unusually high demand". I wonder why.

Thanks again


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