Gas boiler 3 star cover 'scam'

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  • welshblob asked.
    Do you have any details of this company and how much they charge?

    I don't know if this constitutes advertising but you asked so here it is,

    Safegas Ltd. based in Leeds, West Yorkshire,


    and as an aside the "normal" telephone no. is 01132 440447.

    Have had no problems with this company at all.
    In fact had a call out one New Years Eve at 6pm and they were there and came out and fixed at
    What can you say to that. 8) 8) :D:D
    I am not always right,

    But I am never wrong !!
  • Sorry that link does not appear to work I did something wrong,

    Try again.

    Safegas Ltd. [ftp][/ftp]

    That's better :D:D
    I am not always right,

    But I am never wrong !!
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    Awful website - really slow to load and too many pictures.

    Anyway how much does it cost for the 5* package? Do they cover all the uk or just up North?
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    It says ....
    Be prepared for winter No heating or hot water this winter could be a finical nightmare. On top of the costs involved is the worry of finding a reliable engineer to visit and fix the problem quickly. From just £8.75 a month you could be prepared for winter with a SAFEGAS FIVE STAR MAINTENAMCE PLAN, ensuring your central heating boiler and hot water are safe and in good repair.
    Parts labour and leaks are all covered – and , if the worst should happen, your boiler is replaced Free Of Charge* - you pay nothing. We aim for same day repair and guarantee a reliable and helpful service 365 days a year. If you’re already on a contract, you can still switch to Safegas!
    and ...
    With over 2,500 square feet of office space incorporating a fully equipped training centre, emergency parts stores, computerised Call Centre and offices,this new facility enables Safegas to offer 'peace of mind' to many more customers not only in Yorkshire but nationwide.
    If you're interested I suggest you ring them to confirm their price and coverage. How does this compare to the cost of the BG 3* cover?
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    I emailed them. They only cover the North of England.

    Shame seems they offer an excellent level of cover. Also they responded very quickly to my email. Always a good sign.

    If I lived in the North I would sign up. Else they could move to Wales. Lovely countryside, lovely people, lovely boilers! ;D
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  • Have today made some searches and Direct Line Home Cover seems to be a good deal -

    £87 quoted for annual insurance.

    No cost for annual service included though. Still seeking a good deal for this.
  • rchddap1rchddap1 Forumite
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    I'm also looking for a good deal for a boiler annual service (oxford / swindon area). So if anyone knows a company that does...
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    im with bg and with the 3 star cover and as much as i love the idea of being ablr to call them out at any time im wondering do the other gas companies do a similar cover?
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  • ;););););)

    Several years ago, I had a gas heating sysytem installed in one of our showrooms.
    This was not your convential house system, but a 13,000 sq ft building.
    After obtaining several quotes, I settled on one particular company who did a very thorough job of both calculating and installing the correct system.
    As I was so impressed with the job they did, I asked the 'boss' one day, would he be interested in servicing my gas boiler.
    'Don,t be daft' he said, I use British Gas to service my boiler at home!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    He reckoned the cost of their service, compared with many independant heating firms was unbeatable.

    Just thought I'd share this pearl of wisdom with you.
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    err perhaps someone who has the "Gas Board" giving a 3 star cover could correct me but I thought they don't service the boiler anymore but conduct a "safety check"
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