Half price tickets on Stansted/Gatwick/Heathrow Express

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Half price tickets on Stansted/Gatwick/Heathrow Express

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shunyamakaamshunyamakaam Forumite
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If you join BAA Worldpoints online (just fill in a simple form - nothing to it) they credit you with 100 points which is enough to buy 2 tickets half price on Stansted/Gatwick/Heathrow Express (amongst other things).

There are some possibilities to earn more points as well, mostly by buying things at airports - there is a refer a friend scheme but you have to put in their postal address....

enjoy your trip!

Official Insert:

50 points per person gives you half price travel on the airport rail links above. Other member benefits include discounts off car hire although this may not be the cheapest place to get it. Use the comparison links at the top of this page to see if you can find it cheaper. Click on Worldpoints Rewards on the bottom left hand side to read more about the rewards available.


  • spenderspender Forumite
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    Hi, you can only get a free trip through your Nectar points, I think it is roughly about 2,500 each way. I have used the BAA World Points as well, you can get points at many places within the airport including travelex. However I find I have to chase up all the time because points are not added, have to say through that when I have had to chase the points up, the staff at World Points have been brillant. If you do use the worldpoints half price offer we had to show my World points card to the ticket collector on the train.
    No Matter what you do there will be critics.
  • For those of you just starting up on the Worldpoints scheme, you can boost your points on the first trip to the airport. For example, buy a 2 bottle box of champagne for £35 and receive 250 points instead of the usual 1 point per £1.

    250 points gives you 5 half price tickets on the Heathrow express, usually a £14.50 journey. So 5 x £7.25 = £36.25 which covers the cost of the champagne.

    I'll drink to that :beer: !
  • SopranoSoprano Forumite
    338 posts
    Cheers OP, that helped me save on GW-EX tickets. V.grateful
  • sashacatsashacat Forumite
    723 posts
    Thanks for this ..have just joined but can't find the refer a friend
    Wombling £457.41
  • Nowt from manchester? what a shocker!
  • MarcD_2MarcD_2 Forumite
    172 posts
    If you are a member of worldpoints and do fly from BAA Airports (Heathrow Gatwick Stansted Glasgow Edinburgh Aberdeen Southampton) they sometimes email you with offers for a hundred or a couple of hundred extra points when you buy anything in their airport shops, with no minimum spend. Have got 600 points this way now and have only spent a few quid in their shops...
  • blindmanblindman Forumite
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    For Heathrow why not get the tube??


    Only £3.80 one way.
  • --Tony----Tony-- Forumite
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    If you want 250 instead of the normal 100 points I can send you an invite.

    Just PM me your name and address.
  • When i was in the smoke at the begining of January this year, there was some track maintenance work going on on the Piccadilly line and trains were terminating at a station near Heathrow. There was a replacement bus service but Heathrow Express were honouring underground tickets on their services on the days of the track maintenance. It cost me £7 instead of the usual £25 by getting a tube ticket instead of a Heathrow Express one.

    The work has finished now but i'd check with London Underground in the future if you're going to be travelling from Heathrow to Paddington to see if they offer this again.
    Vedra Nativa
  • blindman wrote:
    For Heathrow why not get the tube??


    Only £3.80 one way.

    Because it's such a horrible journey that I end up spending £20 on gin in the pub at Heathrow to get over it! Holborn to Heathrow has to be one of the worst tube experiences available in London.
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