can anyone advise on wireless router

My cousin is trying to obtain a wireless router from her BB provider (BT) and they are quoting her £44..... I think this is a bad price considering she is an existing customer on broadband........ also that you can go online with BT and buy a wireless router cash for this amount !!

Can anyone advise? My other cousin got a wireless router from Virgin for £7



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    ebay might be worth a shot
  • I'm surprised she's getting charged by her provider, they seem to give them away usually, I recently changed my BB from Virgin to Orange (Virgin doubled the price and Orange offered it for free as I have a mobile contract with them) I was sent a WiFi router by Orange which arrived within days, then for some reason they sent me another a few days after, I've had this happen before and have more Speedtouch modems (non-wifi) than I know what to do with!
    Maybe a call to BT with a mention of other providers generosity and a threat of changing to another company will help.
  • Thanks for that - thats exactly what my cousin has just done and guess wht - a wireless router is enroute to her!!!

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