Alternative BB supplier

I have been looking to change my BB supplier (Virgin) for a while now but the whole thing is very confusing. I'm on £15 pm for BB only, through a BT line which I only have for that purpose, the problem is that I'm a long way from the exchange so the service can be very slow, often at around 5pm it slows down to nothing. O2 won't connect me because of the distance, I'm not happy with the feedback for Talk talk and AOL.

I'm happy to take a bundled package if that helps, can anybody suggest where I can get a better deal? My exchange is at Leamington Spa.


Mr T


  • if O2 won't connect you due to may be the same, but worth trying if you already have skytv (even if you haven't it'll only be an extra £2/month to get it!)
    if not, try bethere (the other O2) or easynet (the other sky)
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