January 2009 Grocery Challenge

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  • Popped in Somerfield today and got 5 small loaves at 22p/24p per loaf. Noticed Andrex on offer-2x 9roll packs for £56.50 and Nescafe 200g for £3 I think? Bought some cheap sarnies reduced to approx 50 per pack for the family as a snack tonight(were £2 per pack)-spent $5.30 altogether.
    Resisted the milk although we are low as Ive got 2 pints of goats milk(a whoopsie)thawing out. Took lunch to work yesterday and today-my reduced ryvitas from Approved foods, with my reduced instant soup also from AP.
    Seriously have to use what Ive got as we really do need some space! As Im now on annual budget split into calendar months, Ive spaced out my "allowance" for grocery over the month and I could have put the next lot into my purse yesterday but it wont go in until tomorrow so Im 2 days ahead of myself.Just need to sort out tomorrows menu now.

    How much? :rotfl:
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  • Did well on the grocery shopping last week only £27.71 sepnt in Asda out of the £55 I allowed myself. That was using up almost everything and now the fridge is clean anf the freezer defrosted.
    I could keep going on bits and pieces but DS really fussy, won't eat eggs or cheese or soup, the list is endless so I had to give in. Shop also incuded two pairs of over the knee socks! Haven't worn those since school.

    £ 3 'me' money for slimming club

    £ 12.95 on having boots heeled and toed, not sure what that comes under.

    £ 159.50 at the dentist but I should get most back on dental Insurance policy.
  • MRSMCAWBER wrote: »
    How much? :rotfl:

    You know what I did! Nearly typed 5 and changed it to 6 and ended up with both! Now I know I like quality for my bum but thats crazy!

    Anyone who has/had kids under 16 between April 2001 and April 2003 see this form for tax rebate. Only a few days left to claim!Woth at least £529 "Childrens tax credit relief".
    Annual Grocery budget 2018 is £1500 pa £125 calendar month £28.84 pw for 3 adults
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    I spent £1.55 today on some instant coffee & milk. This really should be it for this month but I won’t declare yet as still a few days to go.

    Don’t need to go out over the weekend; DD is with me. The plan is to batch cook from what I have in, which is 4 packs of sausages, 500g lean mince, 8 chicken breast, 2 gammon steaks & 3 beef steaks. I reckon this is at least 50 meal portions.:rolleyes: And this is on top of the 28 meal portions (10 varieties) of HM ready meals already in the freezer and 6 portions of HM soup (3 varieties). So should end up with enough for February.

    My new freezer was delivered yesterday! Yay!!:j It is an under counter one with about the same capacity as the four drawer freezer section of the fridge/freezer. But having put half of the food from the freezer section of the fridge freezer into the new freezer I now have 2 freezers that are ¾ full! :confused:

    Still, it does leave me enough capacity to freeze the meals I am planning over the next couple of days, which I couldn’t have squeezed in before.
  • I always fill up "spaces" with bread as its easily consumed when we need the space for something else and when whoopsied-is a cheap way of filling the freezer.
    Annual Grocery budget 2018 is £1500 pa £125 calendar month £28.84 pw for 3 adults
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    £16.86 spent at Mr T's today ut that icludes 750g of stewing steak, 12 sausages and some puff pastry from which I am going to make a steak pie filling. I am hoping to get 3 steak pies to feed 2 adults and a child from the filling and two pie tops from the pastry, all for less than £8. I wil serve them mash and veg to eek it out a bit as I am sure we eat far too much meat:rolleyes:

    Now only have £9 for the rest of the month which I dont think will last but in saying that have loads in the freezer so I will see how it goes.

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    This weeks spend was £26.19 for me. My total for the month so far is £54.15 and weight lost is nothing.

    I'm fed up of food. The first week of healthy eating I lost 3lbs. The second week I had sinusitis, a bronchial infection, antibiotics, and just concentrated on keeping myself and ds fed (home alone with 4 year old, dh in the Gulf). 3lbs back on!

    For a grand finale, I got the special effects on Monday. I didn't have any snacks between lunch and dinner because I wasn't hungry. With ten minutes to go until dinner was ready, the mother of all migraines started. The flashy lights in my eyes that normally last 20 minutes lasted for over 2 hours, and the headache lasted for 3 days, went away for one day and came back today. I had to read ds his bedtime story with one eye shut.

    Has anyone got any good ideas for healthy, low fat (ish) snacks that I can make. I will need two a day, one mid morning and one mid afternoon. I'm not keen on fruit on it's own sorry, especially not in cold weather, and for 3 days a week the snack will have to be eaten at my desk, so soup is not good.

    Sorry if I've gone on a bit, but this is really getting me down. I've had migraines since the age of 8, and have no other triggers apart from leaving too long in between meals. I desperately want to lose weight before ds starts school in September, but have no idea how to go about it when my body doesn't like being hungry. Ideas anyone (and don't forget that medical advice is not allowed).

    I'd be really grateful if anyone could think of something to help or has information about solving the same problem.
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    I'm really annoyed with myself as I spent £1.34 on cola and Smarties. This leaves £28.56 to last the month. Tomorrow is going to be tough as I have to take the girls for a haircut and to buy the eldest two bras in the local department store. When we go into the department store it's expected to have a cake and a drink. Plan to take homemade goodies and drink with me. Just hope it's dry.
    Today we had homemade quiche, mash and peas and sweetcorn. Quiche had a soggy bottom. Anybody have any ideas on how to crisp up the base?
  • Spent another £7 today at Mr A. Popped in on way home from work and was lucky enough to get some whoopsie veggies. Prepared potatoe wedges 20p, large bag of carrots and corriander soup veg - 25p, green beans - 45p. Carrots and onions were relatively cheap but went without a cucumber - nearly £1 and cauli (tiny) - well over £1. Got more baked beans 4 for £1, some milk and some cheese (which I have hidden from DSs)!

    On the deli counter they were selling large cornish pasties at 2 for £1, so was able to feed all four of us tonight for £2.45 (pasties, potato wedges and baked beans). Not very healthy I know, but made a lovely change and everyone enjoyed it.

    Still within original budget, but only just - I am not going to last to end of month. I had set our budget low this month due to having an excess of food in after Christmas but I do seem to have underestimated. Have quite a large storecupboard of goodies, but lacking veg, fruit and dairy products.

    Do I revise my budget here, or do I just declare the fact that I went over budget and start again next month. Will have to have an increased budget next month, thinking along the lines of £250.00

    Does anyone know where I can buy flaked rice? Can find ground rice, pudding rice and samolina, but cannot find flaked rice anywhere.
  • That sounds truly awful, I hope you are feeling better now.
    I am also trying to lose weight and have been having pasta/couscous salad for lunch as its more slow release energy than bread etc
    Could you maybe take 2 small boxes of salad and then eat every few hours? Instead of eating it all at lunch?
    Another good thing could be veggie frittata which can be cut into wedges and eaten cold like quiche (but no pastry!)
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    £1k in 100 days so far - £235 :p
    Snowball debt free calculator says DEC 09 - lets hope we can do it!

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