Can you pass the 11+? Free 10 min test:

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Can you pass the 11+? Free 10 min test:

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Thirty-two years after most grammar schools were abolished the merits of the 11-plus exam which controlled entry to them still divides opinion among parents and teachers. But how difficult was it?

Try this 10 minute test to complete 15 Qs.....


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  • Yeah, except the time ran out after 10 seconds! I hadn't finished reading the first question yet :rotfl:
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  • zenseekerzenseeker
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    14 out of 15
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  • 14 out of 15 with 1m22s to go. Got the last one wrong, was never good at number patterns.
  • Yeah, I missed the last one too - gutted :(

    Don't really care, I passed it when I was 11 and got the highest score in my grammar school year! :grin:
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  • Fiver29Fiver29
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    Yeah, except the time ran out after 10 seconds! I hadn't finished reading the first question yet :rotfl:
    The same thing happened to me :D
    Moving onto a better place...Ciao :wave:
  • i was going to have a go, but just looking at it gave me a headache - so kudos to everyone who did so well! Ah well, I passed the 11+ ten years ago and have obviously forgotten a lot since then :P I call it "specialisation"... I know lots about my degree subject but if I attempt maths I come out in a rash. That's my argument and I'm sticking to it.
  • Do you know what percentage you had to get to get into a grammar school?

    I got 11 out of 15, got all the word ones right but got a bit stumped on the maths - yet I was better at maths than English at school!
    Thanks to all those who post competitions! :T
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  • 13 out of 15, got the 2 code breaker ones wrong but i am at work doing it and i have to use the phone at same time lol
  • PinkyPunky, I think the % entry requirements vary year-to-year because they work it out as the top 2% or whatever of all results. So if every candidate who enters gets below 35%, the people who got 33% and above would get in. I know my results were in the 90s% but the letter of acceptance also said that I was 162nd out of a few thousand accepted across the county, so that year it was probably an average of 85% and upwards (at the time there were 3 different papers, don't know how they do it now).

    OK, smugness over, I'll deflate my head by reminding myself that I couldn't even attempt the mini version on the BBC website hahaha. Oh the shame :/
  • PS - Funny how I'm bad with numbers but can remember an arbitrary number from a decade ago, just because I had a few weeks of bragging about it! I'm sure my MIL will be along in a bit to say how the 11+ works these days, as my BIL got in to grammar school last year.
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