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  • You had to add the eventually :)
  • Two things to watch with Scottish Power.

    1. They increased out monthly DD from £80 to £145. I calculated that realisticly it needed to be £95 so not happy they refused to alter so moved to someone else.

    2. We got a letter in October saying that our discounted rate had finished and as a favour to us they were transfering for free to the 5 year fixed rate deal. This rate is about 10-15% dearer than the standard rate. Also knowing that prices should be dropping we knew it was a rip off. If we did not want to be transfered we had to write to an address on the letter. We wrote and when we got the bill, image our surpise, to find that Scottish Power had ignored the letter we sent and still transfered us to the higher fixed rate backed dated of cause.
  • Using your method you are basing the monthly DD that is designed for 12 payments on the three most expenses months.
  • They dont just calculate it on the 3 high usage months. After your review date, the company will change your direct debit. I was explaining why they are increasing it at this time of year. It is to bring your balance to zero for your review date. After this it will be lowered for the winter months or you can build up a credit, its up to the customer. It isn't based on 12 months.

    As regards Scottish Power, yes, companies fixed plans are always dearer than the standard. Your paying for the protection, but your right, as it stands, hopefully the prices will fall, nothings been announced but we can keep our fingers crossed.

  • Southern Gas/Elec tried to increase my DD's in spite of me being nearly on the mark with elec and £15 in credit with gas. "Helping me budget for next year" was the reason for trying to shove my DD's up by nearly 50%!

    Told them politely to take a running jump, I can budget perfectly well on my own - I suggested increase £5 per month elec and £8 per month gas and will be reviewing it myself at the end of this peak period, agreed by them.

    Sadly E.ON's customer service staff were AWFUL to my 82 year old mother. :mad: Wanted to increase monthly gas DD from £21 to £37 even though she was £46 in credit (and had been £67 in credit last quarter). When she rang and asked them to leave her DD the same and requested her £46 back they CHUCKED HER OFF THE MONTHLY DD SCHEME!

    I spoke to them on her behalf (got the same operator by chance), she simply would not budge and she'd already removed my Mum from monthly DD scheme. Demanded to speak to a manager, and he caved in IMMEDIATELY. Very sorry and all that tosh, £46 overpayment already being refunded and restarted DD - £21 and not a penny more. Mind you, I did tell him I'd be happy to help her 'switch' to Southern, same as me, given that though they'd tried it on, they hadn't resorted to E.ON's brute FORCE.
  • a few months ago i asked for a credit refund with british gas. i got this, then noticed that the following month they didn't take the direct debit.
    i called, and was told that it was policy to cancel the ddm on sending out a requested credit ( not told to me when i asked for it ). i then had to start up a new one, for an EVEN GREATER AMOUNT to allow for the now 1 mised payment.
    absolutely ridiculous.
    now i've had the heating on since october, had in a new bill, and guess what? way in credit again!!
    but of course, i have to do it this was to get the ddm discount don't i?
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    Ive just had a letter from Eon saying they were raising my DD from £48 per month to £145 per month!

    So i went to a couple of switching websites and switched to a different supplier with a saving of £76 per year.
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    Scottish Power have increased my DD from £29 to £92 per month - even though I'm in credit on my account!! Still in my first 12 months with them, so can't switch. Also it's an 'online' account, so I can't even phone them to complain!
  • adl999adl999 Forumite
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    ... this shows that were not money grabbing...

    I'll believe you when E.On drop their prices in line with wholesale market prices as quickly as they put them up...
  • Scottishpower increased my DD too from £119 for dualfuel. They contacted me and I told them not to, to no avail. I'd only just switched in Seotember and given them my previous years usage figures which is where the £119 (fixed rate) came from. So they increased it to £125.50 instead. I'm not happy and have contacted energy watch, but then after reading this forum I've probably wasted my time again.....
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