I need to Detox the OS way - HELP!

Hi All,

After last years enormous weight gain and VERY bad eating I have decided to "take the bull by the horns" and have a go at detoxing.

I know I couldgo and buy a load of stuff at boots etc but really dont have the cash at the mo and am sure there must be OS ways to do anyhow, just need some guidence(and a swift kick up the backside :o )

I have been having a cup of hot water and lemon for the last couple of days as I read on here about that a while ago. Is that detoxing??? What do I need to avoid? I am vegie so dont eat meat, poultry, fish, HATE mushrooms but any and all fruit and veg is fab. Also love pulses, brown rice etc.

Edited to add - I LOVE coffee and drink far to much, at least 8-10 cups a day. Am I allowed decaf? I'm hoping it will help with the withdrawl symptoms if my tummy thinks its getting the good stuff?????

Can anybody please help to steer me in the right direction?

WW Start Weight 18/04/12 = 19st 11lbs
Weight today = 17st 6.5lbs
Loss to date 32.5lbs!!!


  • scuzz
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    I read somewhere the other day, that scientists reckon water and sleep is the best detox method
    I'd say lots of water. Green tea is good first thing in the morning to boost metabolism, fruit teas as caffine free
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  • kscour
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    When I did it (which was also to help out with some allergies I have so maybe a bit different to the norm)
    No Dairy (I did have a very little cheese because I think cutting out dairy completely is a bit much)
    No tea or coffee. (again I had 1 cup of tea mid morning & 1 mid afternoon) I discovered that coffee was the reason behind lots of niggly headaches I'd been having. I haven't bothered with decaff because I thought it'd be too easy to get back on the hard stuff again!
    No gluten - I had gluten free pasta, lots of rice etc. Also discovered I have a slight gluten intolerance so that was a huge help to me. I've stayed on the gluten free pasta and only have small amounts of bread.
    No meat - you should be ok! but I did have a small amount with evening meal.
    No alcohol - oh mummy that hurt
    No processed food - and I really believe this is what made the difference! There's an awful lot hidden in ready made sauces/soups etc even the top quality ones.
    I took a cheap whopper of a multi vitimin and mineral supplement.
    Lots of water - well the 8 glasses a day routine

    I felt alot better in myself and as a by product lost 1 stone. Unfortunately I've managed to put some of that back on so I'm trying to be good again.

    Take a look at one you are eating/drinking because I doubt it's veggies that are making you put on weight!

    Hope this helps - if you want to know more please ask :D
  • AussieLass
    AussieLass Posts: 4,066
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    You might be ok if you are tall. YOu may not need to lose that much. I've never done the detox but would be interested to do it. More for the health benefits. My weight is ok, just need to exercise more. I look about 4 months preggie. :D Too much xmas cake and plum pudd me thinks.
    Don't worry about the world coming to an end today. It's already tomorrow in Australia. ;)

  • Ticklemouse
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    I know Aussielass - truth to tell, if I actually do lots of exercise, then as muscle weighs more than fat, I may not need to. I'm only 5ft 5 (ish - on a good day) but for years I was 8 1/2 stones and looked and felt well on it. I know that I'll be too skinny if I ever were to get down to that weight, but I have this mental picture of me and a "right weight" in my head.

    Also, CV is quite OS - lots of fresh fruit and veg, no processed foods at all. Just honest, healthy nosh. Ok, it may be a bit drastic for a lot of people, but in principle I think it's great.

    Now, maybe I'll go and do 20..erm... 2 sit-ups :d :D
  • AussieLass
    AussieLass Posts: 4,066
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    What is CV? I was 8 stone for years. I probably was underweight. I look back at photo's now and cringe and how skinny I was. I would never want to go back to the weight now. I am 5ft 8 and I weigh 10 stone. I was that at 9 months pregnant with my three.:o When I hit my 30's I think my metabolism slowed up as I ate all the rubbish and I never put it on. (those were the days) But when I do put weight on it always settles around my tummy area. It could settle on my boob area:D but oh no.

    KC good luck with your diet. It must get hard going to put on a lot of weight like that so keep your morale up. It's also hard to eat sensibly in cold weather as well. So much comfort food around.
    Don't worry about the world coming to an end today. It's already tomorrow in Australia. ;)

  • Gillby1
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    My sister just did a detox using the Boots 5-day-detox kit - which consists of a daily drink and suppliment tablet. Thebasis of this plan, though, involves: cutting out dairy (includes eggs), alcohol, caffiene, processed foods, excess sugar and salt, refined products (white bread, pasta, rice, wheat or sugar coated cereal etc...) and red meat. She ate very well - loads of fruit and veg, chicken, brown rice and bread and pasta, plus baked potato's with low sugar/salt beans. Oatcakes. Homemade soups. She susbstituted dairy products for goats milk, cheese and yoghurt - and found them really nice. She did have a terrible headache from giving up caffiene as apparently she was drnking 7 or 8 cups per day!

    Good luck.

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  • carol_a_3
    carol_a_3 Posts: 1,104 Forumite
    I did the Carol Vorderman 28 day plan too a couple of years ago. It is a lot of extra work, chopping, cooking, soaking all those pulses etc but very OS (apart from the supplements) but I felt marvellous on it after the first few days had passed when I had a headache and felt a bit "fluey", cold and shivery. Unfortunately I went on holiday to a friend's mum's in France immediately afterwards and went straight back into bad eating habits. It's been downhill ever since.

    I really think I should try it again or maybe the Gillian Mckeith plan where at least you're allowed fish and white meat. Regarding the caffeine, I did have a couple of cups of decaffeinated tea a day and I don't drink coffee anyway.
  • kiwichick
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    Wow, lots of help here, thanks to one and all. It sounds like I need to cut out all the crap I am eating, the hardest will be the bread (I LOVE this with LOTS of butter) andthe coffee. I might try and slowly reduce the coffee rather than stop dead, might have a coranary otherwise!

    I am 5'8" and weigh a horrifying 16st6lbs :eek: I didnt used to look too bad and carried the weight quite well but over the last year put on 2.5st and now look really fat. None of my jeans fit, well, to be honest, none of any of my clothes fit. I am hoping that detoxing will kick start my metabolism and make loosing the extra 6st I am carrying a tiny bit easier!

    Good Luck To All Of Us!!!!!!!
    WW Start Weight 18/04/12 = 19st 11lbs
    Weight today = 17st 6.5lbs
    Loss to date 32.5lbs!!!
  • Sarahsaver
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    Real old style? This will 'clear you out':
    Guinness or another stout like Murphy's :beer: one pint or two, it doesn't matter.
    Some prunes. Tinned for true authentic old style...
    Have this in the evening, and in the morning you will be at least a pound lighter;) LOL
    If it doesn't go straight through you theres something the matter!

    Isn't it true that its a natural detox anyhow to come off the high fat high protein high alcohol diet of Christmas and just get back to normal? :rolleyes:
    Member no.1 of the 'I'm not in a clique' group :rotfl:
    I have done reading too!
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  • comping_cat
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    Last year i put on 2 stone after having to take a course of steroids for 6 months. Once i came off the steroids, i had a lot of problems getting the weight back off. In the end, i cut out potatoes and bread, changed to decaff tea bags and coffee (i did not notice a difference in taste at all) and instead of the crisps and chocolate (crisps are my big weakness) i ate nuts, pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds, plus fruit. In less than 2 months the weight had come off, and i felt healthier than i had for a long time, i thought it would kill me, as i do love crispy roast potatoes, and home made bread and butter, but after the first few days, i was fine, and now im back to trying(!!!!) to eat normally, but healthily, im still not wanting as much potatoes or bread. Hope this helps a little.
    Catherine x
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