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Another Tesco Massive Price Increase

edited 30 November -1 at 1:00AM in Gone Off!
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  • LesDLesD Forumite
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    I was in Tesco last week and their half-price pizza offer has now finished. The price DOUBLED over-night! What a rip-off!!! :rolleyes:
  • MoufflonMoufflon Forumite
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    Have noticed many of the items mentioned previously in the mega reductions and misprices threads i.e. Pearce Duff blancmange, Cadburys child size chocolate bars, Silver Spoon Royal Icing Sugar, Dark and Light brown sugar and loads more have shot up in price, at least in my local Tesco and a few surrounding ones too. Am convinced someone on the inside is reading this and taking note!
  • calleywcalleyw Forumite
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    Part of the Furniture 1,000 Posts Name Dropper I've been Money Tipped!
    The Whitworths 500gm white sugar cubes which have been priced at 36p are now priced at 77p.

    In my best victor meldrew "I don't believe it" I only bought sugar cubes the other day two boxes. Took one to work and kept one for home as it seems other wise they make a mess with sugar.

    Wish I had not taken them in work now as I could have kept them for husband who makes a huge mess.

    Sugar does not have a date on it. Wish I had now stocked up :mad:


    Hope for everything and expect nothing!!!

    Good enough is almost always good enough -Prof Barry Schwartz

    If it scares you, it might be a good thing to try -Seth Godin
  • penrhynpenrhyn Forumite
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    Turn the price rise into an opportunity to wean him off sugar in drinks.
    I managed to cut it out a few years ago, the down side is that you do become very fussy about the quality of the tea and coffee you drink.
    That gum you like is coming back in style.
  • 4 pints of milk up to £1.53 today, it was £1.44 last week.
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  • kipperskippers Forumite
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    Part of the Furniture 1,000 Posts Combo Breaker I've been Money Tipped!
    I noticed the value mushrooms have shot up in price now they have changed the size and value peppers have too

    I totally agree that it's always the 'rubbish' food that are BOGO free and basics are going up at Mr T's

    I also wish we had somewhere that showed the cheapest 'basics' in each supermarket
    :j :j :j :j :j
  • MOCHAMOCHA Forumite
    270 posts
    The prices in all the stores are changing on a weekly basis it seems to me and is a deliberate ploy to confuse the customer as to what they're actually paying for any particular item.
    Of course when a store 'cuts' a price to what it was before they put up the price they can slap up posters claiming to have 'inflation busting prices' which are still making them a good profit!:rolleyes:
  • Tesco Value Tuna Chunks In Brine - 34p on Sunday, 48p today - 41% increase!
  • Thanks Slickman. We buy a lot of Value tuna and I can remember reading only a few days ago that most people thought Value tuna was as good as any other brand. I am fuming now, knew you must be right but checked on line first because it is so unbelievable. How can they do this particularly on items they are promoting as basic cheap items. I posted about the Value beetroot a couple of weeks ago going up from 20p to 45p. It then went down to 41p. I don't know what it is now and it has disappeared off the shelves again.

    I just check everything online before we go shopping now but I feel like going in there and shouting at the top of my voice to all the customers about their greed!!!!!
  • adr0ckadr0ck Forumite
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    unrich wrote: »
    Clipper peppermint tea was 79p before the summer.

    During the summer it was marked discontinued and dropped to 40p (I bought lots.)
    Recently its gone up to £1.19.

    So its either a 50% increase or a 198% increase depending on where you start looking.

    I've started buying from Clipper directly now and buy in bulk lots and lots of tea just so mr Tesco doesn't.

    not sure about peppermint tea (never had it - is it nice?) but clipper green tea over the summer in asda was 69p for gone up to 79p - I think

    been buying the green tea from lidl recently 59p for 25
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