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Another Tesco Massive Price Increase

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  • fc123fc123 Forumite
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    Hi just thought I'd post this as some posters may find it interesting given the content of the thread.

    Up until 2004, I 'did' the once a week shop in Asda and that was it. It cost a fortune and we weren't eating as well as I thought.

    I changed to local etc and halved our weekly bill. I buy an organic chicken for £9 (I don't do battery) but it is huge and can last 3 I save on not buying veg etc from any supermarket.

    Riverford in Devon ( ) does a great box scheme that is cheaper than comparable fruit and veg from supermarkets...sometimes cheaper than the same NON organic items. I get an e-mail each week and choose what I want on a weekly basis. I have used a few diff ones but this is the best.

    Their biggest con is in pulses, nuts, seeds etc. I am lucky to have an Asian supermarket locally and it is so much cheaper for great quality food basics.

    I don't spend more time shopping for food...and only do Asda once a month for cat food (wot a ripp off ;) ) coffee etc. A ''lowest margin'' shop.

    This is worth a read too

    Don't want to be preachy or anything but Tesco is not doing anyone a good deal...Tesco are only into profit for themselves. They kill off communites and push high margin processed food disguised as 'Healthy' etc.
  • fc123fc123 Forumite
    6.6K posts
    We should all boycott them for one day. Tell everyone we know to do the same. If enough people avoided Tescos for one day it would make a big difference to their takings.
    They need to be shown that they are not the only shop on the planet and we are not idiots that they can fool with "market value" rubbish!
    TBH It could be too late...they have successfully killed off any local competition in many towns. They have amassed land so other supermarkets cannot open. They are screwing suppliers and the quality of all our food is now very low.

    Oligopolies are dangerous things......but only takes each person to decide not to play the game and things could change one day.

    Felicity Lawrence has written 2 v good books on the subject too.
  • Well I have decided not to play their game any more. They are too expensive , the quality of their food is awful . They are greedy and care only about themselves. They are constantly trying to fool people with their "offers" and unfortunately they succeed because customers wont wake up and look at what they are putting in their trolleys.
  • joshtbhjoshtbh Forumite
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    Hmmm Sainsbury's will be much cheaper I'm sure;) (I am being sarcastic!)

    Sainsburys isn't much more expensive, and cheaper than some places - and is often far better quality stuff.
  • Very true, Sainsburys is comparable in price to Tesco, and also I noticed the other day that milk, veg, and fresh meat )if you bought the offer)in M&S was comparable in price to Tesco, that really scared me!

    In both the above shops the quality would be much much higher!
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  • Tesco's own lge bag of dry roasted peanuts was 75p now £1, a 33% increase. Yes of course inflation is only at 5%.
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  • Coupon-madCoupon-mad Forumite
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    joshtbh wrote: »
    Sainsburys isn't much more expensive, and cheaper than some places - and is often far better quality stuff.

    I agree, Sainsburys is no longer noticeably more expensive than Tesco IMHO. I also noticed in Best magazine this week where they do a week-to-week price comparison of a shopping basket of basics, that Tesco was more expensive than Sainsburys this week (and Asda was pounds cheaper!).

    Also don't ignore Waitrose thinking it may be a lot more expensive. They accept coupons off your shopping even if you've not bought the item on the coupon (like Tesco do, only they are much nicer about accepting them). And they have some offers that are cheaper than in Tesco.

    Here are 2 current offers I bought this week in Waitys, cheaper than Tesco:

    Heinz Tomato Ketchup 700g on offer at 2 for £3 (think Tesco had them at £1.89 each)

    Robinson's squash on offer at 2 for £1.60 (Tesco puts these at 2 for £1.80 when on offer).

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  • I have to say that I often pop into waitrose and find meat and fish much cheaper than in tesco. I got 16 free range chicken thighs for £4 in there a couple of weeks ago.. I'd like to see Tesco beat that!
  • sarahg1969sarahg1969 Forumite
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    I noticed prices in Asda have one up too. SP sweetcorn tins - up from 21p to 32p overnight. SP beans - not bought for ages, but I was expecting them to be about 9p. They are somewhere around the 27p mark. At least I get some good bargains on meat early on a Friday morning, though.
  • Ive heard on good info Tesco are going to charge people on their new chip and pin forecourts who pay just for fuel in the kiosk.

    This is bad if its true!
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