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Save on MOT Bills

in Motoring
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  • I think this thread is brilliant ;D

    Is there anyway of getting a list of all council testing centres- or indeed even general enquiry numbers for coucils as this will allow all of us to use this system

    I have bought my last 2 cars new and 1 of the main reasons for this is seeing too many mechanics who see my car at MOTs and seem to find all mabnner of minor faults requiring work
    You know what... you can't beat a good bargain!!!
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    First time I've heard of this, but found one in my area! ;D

    For anyone in Northumberland - The County Council has one of these VTCs in Morpeth, and the fee is £30

    Thanx for the tip :-*
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    Croydon Council have a testing station in Factory Lane. You have to book in advance and it's cheaper if you're a council employee.
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    Any one know for Leicester free mot test please. Thanks
  • i think that the leicstershire county council website (or city council depending upon the local govenrment in that area) would be a useful place to look

    ... and they aren't FREE!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Excuse my ignorance, but what is WYMAS? ???
    My wife works for the NHS, and her car is due for an MOT shortly. I normally pay £25 at a local garage.

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    Ask Sheel - she's in the Money Savers Arms right now!
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    Kevmaxthom - Sheel and andrea c await you in the Money Savers Arms!!! (If you can take it!)
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  • I've been following this and found it useful so I thought I would share with you my son's experience of a dodgy MOT. He came home one day with a car he had just bought (a Ford Escort based kit car jeep). He was a bit green and bought it because it had a recent valid MOT. when he drove it home (silly devil did not road test it) he found that the steering was wobbly and the brakes pulled violently to one side so he asked me to look at it. I drove it about 100yards and was so scared I took it straight to my local garage where they examined it. They found several serious faults and told us to contact the police,apparently its an offence to sell an unroadworthy vehicle MOT or not. The police refused to become involved because in their words: "the car was not in a virginal state" i.e. our local garage had had their hands on it and could have caused the faults - ridiculous. If we had called the police when my son brought it home they would have investigated. The vehicle testing people re-tested the car at the garage in the presence of the original tester and apparently gave him a serious b.........g but because a few months had passed since he issued the MOT they couldn't or wouldn't take any further action. Eventully we had the car taken away on a trailer, sued the tow-rag (or is it toe-rag) who sold the car in the Small Claims Court  and after 5 years recovered the money with an attachment to earnings order. My son actually came out of it with a significant profit.

    I suppose this is another good reason for using your Local Authority testing station.

    Lewis Gerolemou  
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    Well if anyone is in Oxfordshire then our local testing place is banbury and can be found on the cherwell DC website just search for MOT

    :-) Cheers Everyone
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