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This discussion relates to the guide to

MOT Cost Cutting article
which includes a full list of the special test areas

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  • darichdarich Forumite
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    Always beware of reduced rates or even free MOTs. The garage will invariably find a "fault" and claim something requires to be replced.

    I found out recently that many local council depots can carry out MOTs. They're more likely to give you an impartial test because they don't sell parts and can't make any money by saying your car fails on any given item.

    You'll pay the full price for the test but it's worth remembering and avoid the garage trying to sell you brakes, shockers etc and many other components that are difficult to check.

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  • whilst i agree with the majority of the info in the cheap mot tests, I feel I ought to point out that reputable garages do not look for repairs which cause a car to fail an mot. My husband has been in the trade over 50 years and has tested for over 40 years, he built up a very reputable business and he has customers come to here from miles away because he is good at what he does.
    Don't assume all garages are the same, yes there are some disreputable garages out there you have to find someone you can trust!
  • In the list of Council MOT Centres the one for Ivybridge in the South Hams should be listed as Devon in the County section of the list (Ivybridge is the town where the MOT centre is & South Hams is the District). The rest of the address is Blachford Road, Ivybridge PL21 0AE. I've used them twice now & both times they've been very good.:j
  • I am looking for one around Tiverton area
  • eleveroelevero Forumite
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    Or even Exeter! Devon is a large enough county.
  • PW07PW07 Forumite
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    I have moved to the Sheffield / Rotherham can anybody recommend an MOT test centre
  • Little tip - don't have your car MOT'd and serviced at the same time. The garage can't then hold you to ransom over work needing to be done to get it through the test. Have the service done a few weeks before, and they should give you a list of advisories which you can then get sorted somewhere else if you wish, plus you'll have precious time to mull over their 'report'.

    What I do is use Tesco Clubcard Deals to get a service done at Nationwide Autocentre for free, obtain their list of 'advisories' when I pick the car up, laugh at their massive cost, then take the car to a trusted local garage for an MOT. Nationwide Autocentre Oldbury wanted nearly £400 to replace discs and pads and I ended up getting it done for £180 at a little independent 3 minutes away.

    Unfortunately I havent been so wise in the past and I've learnt at massive cost not to trust a car servicing 'chain' or dealer network!
  • nozzy6nozzy6 Forumite
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    Hi, can anyone recommend an MOT test centre in or near Farnham, Surrey please? My 55plate fiesta is almost due its first MOT and is about ready for a service as well. I've previously had it serviced at kwik fit and the nationwide autocentre but wondered if there was a cheaper alternative? I've considered the council run places but I do alot of miles and I think its unlikely it will get through without any work being needed, but on the other hand there is nothing obviously wrong with it. any tips would be most appreciated as I know next to nothing about cars!

    thanks :p
  • If I may suggest one *big* money saver that I've done: get a haynes manual for your car and follow its pre-mot checklist. It'll take you through everything that the testers will do and you can spot any failures before you fail.

    Don't reply with "I know nothing about cars though!", because all of it is super-simple and doable by someone with no mechanical experience.
  • RichyRichRichyRich Forumite
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    I was well impressed with the MOT Test at Newcastle City Council's Shieldfield Road Depot. I was expecting to pay the full £53.10, but was delighted when I was only charged £35. Discounted rate and no incentive to fail to boot! Highly recommended :)
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