October 2008 Grocery Challenge. Please read first two posts.

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    Can you put me down for £200 for October, please ? Ta :)
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    I've fallen off the wagon for the last few months (or 12!). I need to get back into this so I must stick to my budget of £200 for October. I did my first shop of the month today which came to £73 - however this did include £20 for a slow cooker so only £53 spent so far which means £147 and 4 weeks to go ......
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    Hi all,

    Well it all went a bit haywire overthe summer but I'd like to get back on the wagon so please put me down for £250, Running from 25th Sept - 25th Oct. That's for 3 adults, one teen, 10yo and one cat. Just done an online shop at Tesco - will post amount after delivery tomorrow and just spent £2.95 at Spar for emergency bread and milk.
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  • Please can I join in this months challenge - my target is £300, 1st-31st Oct

    I am a Groceryaholic/Hoarderolic and it must stop!

    MRSMCAWBER - is your recipe for cornbeef hash and dumplings posted anywhere? i've tried others you've posted and they have been really good and i've been looking for a hash recipe for a while, thx
  • thank you for continuing with this thread, I have found it so vry useful.

    Can I have £300 for October please.

  • Well yesterday was the first day of my October challenge and Im trying hard to not overstock on things. Ive got this habbit of buying half a dozen of everything! I keep repeating to myself now that "its only for one week-the shops are not closing down". I still have a 3rd world war mentality(it's not gonna happen) I think!
    Tidied up my freezer yesterday and although full its not all "bitty" like it used to be. Neither is there anything terribly old in there. Though I did indeed lose my naan breads the other day-thought they had been eaten but found them this morning.
    Bullett-you are eating like a king! The lovely meals you are planning-oh I wish I had such willpower to actually stick to a whole months menu. All of you with menus-they look sooooo good. Ive got some old ones somewhere which I have got typed out in fancy text and laminated. Four of them for 4 weeks so I couldl chop and change them week to week. I need to try again.
    Had some bargains yesterday, some dried soya mince 375g for £1.09, blackeyed beans 500g reduced to 50p and organic brown shortgrain rice 500g for 50p. Not had the rice before but I'm guessing rice pudding?
    Did all my shopping local and going to postpone the Asda order for as long as possible.Spent £30.01 on food yesterday and today trecking around for bargains. Somerfield have chock muffins-4 pack on bogof for £1.35. Co-op have nouvelle t paper 4 pack for 99p and goodfellas pizzas for just £1.29 each.Co-op have ckicken kieves 2 in pack on bogof for £2.19(so thats 4 kievs for £2.19) and pilgrims choice mature cheddar on bogof for £2.99.
    Found a few more tins stashed in a cupboard where they are not normally stored(usual shelf was full) so yet more stuff I now do not need. Its getting tidier in my kitchen-still overflowing but I'm getting there! Once upon a time I did an inventory of every food item in the house and guestimated the total worth. It was a staggering total-something around £400 if I remember correctly!
    Welcome to all of the newbies and the returners, plus all of you who feel you fell off the wagon! Stick with it-you are learning from the past and planning for the future-just try to pop in and read the posts each day it makes an enormous difference because you keep inspired! I proved this in August-I didnt drop in often and overspent without realising it. September Im way way under because Ive been here so stick around with us.
    Had great fun cleaning my BM this morning as Id forgotten the dough and it stayed in there overnight and overflowed. I took it out and baked it today though and it was perfect. Found my BM receipt today and it was 10 years ago I bought it at a cost of £79.99! Whew-they were expensive back then-makes you realise how the electricals have dropped in price. Just need to be able to afford the power to run them now ;+)
    I have made a folder on the desktop of my pc(as in the screen desktop)where I store the recipes as I find them Whenever I find a new one I want I copy it and paste it into word, then save it into my recipe folder. I print out my favourite ones and stick them in my home-made recipe book.
    I must make some crumbles tomorrow if my blackberries are still edible.
    Good luck everyone-may you all meet your targets!
    Annual Grocery budget 2018 is £1500 pa £125 calendar month £28.84 pw for 3 adults
  • Morning everyone - hope you all had a good weekend, the weather here was fantastic, like the Summer that we didn't have.:confused: Managed to finish tidying up the Garden, cut the grass and measured the "plots" that I have created for next year's veggies, drawn up a little sketch and pencilled in where I'm planning on planting everything up next year - call me sad if you like but I've well and truly caught the Green Fingered bug after Spuds etc were a success this year.;)

    Also had a good day in the kitchen yesterday getting Packed Lunch stuff sorted, HM pizza, fairy cakes and courgette muffins this week. Got enough Fruit for today so shall be off to Asda later to get stocked for the rest of the week.:D

    Dinner yesterday was Roast Beef and all the trimmings with cabbage, carrots and green beans - Pudding was Bread pudding made from the crusts that I cut off DD2's sandwich and save them in the freezer.;) As there was enough Beef left for tonight I shall be making our usual Monday dinner of Curry, pudding will be the remainder of the Bread Pudding.

    Have a great day everyone.:D
    GC for OH, myself, DD18 & DD16 includes Toiletries, cleaning stuff & Food.

  • Hi there

    Can I change my target to £300.00 for groceries and £300.00 for extras as i want to try and include petrol and all the extra bits i will be buying for christmas please???
    April GC 9th-7th may £0/£320
  • Hi everyone :wave:

    My freezer and cupboards are overflowing so I'm hoping to spend as little as possible this month - we're also away on holiday for a week in October, so please put me down for £50 for the month :)

    Debbie. x
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  • Hi All

    Back after my first month - £300 - £336.71 actual for September :confused:

    But now totally in the MS flow :money: , so for October can you put me down for £280 please.

    This forum is great, if I ever feel its getting tough being a MS, I read all your great comments and know I'm not alone - group hug!! Thanks all ;)
    September GC £300/£336.71 :mad: October GC £280/254.16 :DNovember GC £280/£277.74 :beer:
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