October 2008 Grocery Challenge. Please read first two posts.

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  • Hello, came in well under my estimated budget last month so this month I would like to go for £200 please.
    :)Do more of what makes you happy:)
  • lil_melil_me Forumite
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    Think I should get back into this, my signature shows it's been a while (as does my bank balance and cupboards)

    MRSM well done at keeping up with the totals list I started, I sometimes feel a bit guilty as I know how much work it takes, but you're doing a great job!

    That said please put me down for £300 for October. 4 weeks for us which is a family of 4, 2 dogs, a lizard and a hedgehog and includes food for all meals (inc pack ups etc), cleaning, toiletries etc etc.
    One day I might be more organised...........:confused:
    GC: £200
    Slinkies target 2018 - another 70lb off (half way to what the NHS says) so far 25lb
  • Please count me in again. 250 pounds for October, 5 week month, lots in stock, but will be off work last week of the month, and will either visit eldest DD or she will come here. Either way we always seem to spend more.

    Had to go to Tesco for my mother's shopping today, so got some bits, including the half price Finish DW tablets as the offer was ending today. The shelf price said full price, but I got DD to scan it before the box went in my trolley.

    Very little YS and virtually none of the value stuff I went for. Empty shelves where there should have been value chocolate and the 4p curry sauce that I was going to try. Only one tin of 26p sweet and sour, and four bags of SR flour. I only wanted two and the first one I picked up had a hole in it and I got flour all over my black jacket and trousers.:mad: .

    Oops, sat down with mother's receipt, will edit in a bit.

    (EDIT I spent 24.34, so not too bad as it included the DW tablets. Hve just made a pan of soup with the stock from the gammon I boiled yesterday, but the spicy carrot and tomato looks good, still got some of last weeks 50p carrots so will give it a try.)

    Good luck to all this month.

  • Having read all the posts I thought I should make a meal plan. However, having just opened the freezer :eek: I will work my way through that first. Not sure how all that food got in there (I live on my own so it shouldn't be too hard to work out!:rotfl: )

    Everyone seems so organised, hopefully some of it will rub off on me.

    Good luck everyone
    1st GC Oct 08-£100/£6.13 :p
  • Bigbird-Spicy carrot and tomato soup sounds lovely..care to share the recipe??

    It is my pleasure to share :D But credit for this recipe has to go to betheebee, who posted this on the OS daily thread a little while back:

    4oz red lentils
    2 onions (cooked in micro until soft)
    1 tin tomatoes
    8 carrots sliced
    4 cloves crushed garlic (sounds a lot but it's not)
    salt & pepper
    1 tsp ground coriander
    1 tsp dried basil
    2 veg stock cubes in 1.5 pts of water.
    a few dashes of Worcester sauce (I used 1 tbs to give it a kick)
    4 drops of Tabasco
    2 tsps tomato puree.
    Put all of the above in a pan, bring to boil then simmer until soft. Blend in a liquidizer and enjoy. You can make it spicier by adding more Tabasco but found the amount I used just right to make it spicy but not too hot.

    I've split mine into 6 portions, which are now cooling on the worktop along with my potato and leek soup. Now I just need to decide which I will take to work for my lunch tomorrow :D I think I'll have to put some of the Twinks in the freezer too, else the scales will have bad news again on Wednesday!! :o
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    £55 per week for me again please. I'm off to work out how I did last week and update my sig. My cupboards are really bare. I've done a menu plan for the week and a list to take to Asda tomorrow, I need loads of things.
    Nevermind the dog, beware of the kids!
  • HI all,
    This will be my second month on the challenge. NSD yesterday and will work out a menu plan today, but as freezer, gardens and storecupboard are full I am quietly confident I can make it.
    have a great day
  • Can I join with £100 for the month please? I'm starting back on weight watchers this week so will need to be disciplined and resist temptation to spend, spend, spend on 'diet' foods.


    :DYummy mummy, runner, baker and procrastinator :p
  • Hi all - did post on the September thread - but thought I'd better include it here aswell! Came in slightly under budget for September:T :T - am setting my budget for October at £400 - this is for a 5 week month for 2 adults, 3 children (one in nappies), packed lunches for all, contact lens solutions, cleaning stuff etc etc....:rolleyes:

    Have so far (my challenge started on the 25th Sept) spent £74.47 - have got most of the essential cleaning/household stuff for the month...but my freezer is already nearly empty:o - it's only small, so I can really only store a week's worth of meat, bread etc in it - no batch cooking for me!

    Anyhow...am going to try REALLY hard to come in under budget - but don't think it'll be easy!!:rotfl:
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    Saving Target 2014 £25/£1000
  • I'm in again this month, spent £28.99 today on first shop of the month, although some of that will go in the bulk buy budget. Will update signature accordingly in a minute.

    Can i try for £180 please, from today until 31st. Have set target a little higher as some of my stocks are running a little low.
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