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  • ifonlyitwaseasier
    The courgette recipe sounds great, would you mind posting it?
    have just planted out several plants, so hoping for a good harvest.
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    I really want to sleep, but have some rolls proving. I am using Adsa flour tonight, as I have run out of Lidl flour that we liked. Just wondered if anyone has noticed that the ingredients on the Lidl bag say flour, flour improver, ascorbic acid, whereas Asda and Tesco just say flour. No wonder it works well. I have tried to find out what the flour improver is (there are so many) or whether I had misread it and it is in fact the ascorbic acid.

    I am not sure whether I want to keep using it if I don't know what's in it, but I got unprompted comments about how good the rolls were the first time I used it, and not sure the ones I am baking now will seem as good.

    I have just worked out that since starting this challenge in May I have bought lunch at work only once and I used to do it every day (and often a breakfast too:eek:) so I have more than accounted for buying a Kenwood just from that part:j.

  • Hi angelatgraceland - thanks for posting this sausage cass in the SC - just what I was needing - new to the batch cooking scene - what is soup mix????
    and how long do you do it in the SC?

    Sweet and sour pork - again thanks - will give this a go - how long for and what heat?

    sorry for the stupid questions but I am a beginner!!!!

    TF xx
    Not stupid questions at all! I'm glad you have asked rather than just disregarding it. Here is a link showing a photo of soupmix and a description:http://www.goodnessdirect.co.uk/cgi-local/frameset/detail/103182_Goodness_Soup_Mix__3kg.html
    Sorry to be slow replying. Not been online last 24 hrs or so. Soup mix is bought in a bag in health food shops and supermarkets and generally contains pearl barley,lentils,split green peas and other stuff-you generally soak it for a few ours and rinse it or just rinse it and simmer it or even just rinse it and chuck it in the SC.
    Sweet and sour pork-I prefried the pork but then just put everything into the SC. So-I know the meat is already cooked-I cook it rather than brown it so I'm "safe" then I put it on high for about 5 hours. Could do the same on low for longer-the SCs do vary-as long as its all soft and cooked its done! So fit it araound your daily plans.
    My whole chicken turned out fab! So tender and although I was worried the sauce may be greasy it was fine. Just sorting out the last bits of chicken now before I go to bed.

    cw18 wrote: »
    I've never used a breadmix, but I always use the standard (3lb loaf in 3.5hr) program on my machine. The instructions say that using the rapid setting misses out a 'raise', so I guess the bread won't be as big or light done that way (which matches your description), and my son doesn't like "heavy" bread.

    I actually did a 2.5lb loaf for the first time on Friday (have always done 3lb-ers before - and it was only 10 mins quicker!), as the blokes didn't actually eat much of the last one I did anyway :eek: Turned out to be because the slices were too big for the toaster..... So I figured it was worth trying the smaller one, and it fits in -- just!!

    I guess if the rapid setting makes them smaller then either size done that way would fit, so I might try it for the next loaf, but I'm then back to whether or not my son will eat it due to it not being as fluffy :confused:

    Cw18 The bread cooked on the longer proggrame was perfect-just like the breadmix! Now why the heck didn't I try that before? I guess old habits die hard. Well, in future it will ALWAYS be cooked on the longer programme so thanks so much!

    OrkneyStar-we will all miss you on here but you know what's best for you. Back pain is something that really wears you down-I know that through experience. OrkneyStar=OS-so appropriate!
    Good luck and take care.
    SparciaM wrote: »
    I set myself a budget of £300 for all my food for this month (well 10th Sep - 10th Oct), as that is my paydays. I went over this budget by £20 (as I'm all bought up until Friday now).

    Anyone give help, on how to make good lunches and dinner without getting bored, spending money and actually sticking to it.
    I think the downfall is lunches, as what to have etc - as I usually end up getting a boots meal deal for £3.
    So what are you getting exactly in these meal deals that you cannot copy?
    If these are what you like you can do the same. A big bottle of cola-split into small bottles or flasks over the week-a 2 litre bottle will do the same as the 4 x 500ml ones. A sandwich-well-whatever your fave fillings are. Make up some egg mayo or sliced sausage and egg or tuna mayo? A bit of salad. I think also, its a packet of walkers crisps? Buy a multipack of own brand?
    If you do this-you can then adapt it later on without taking a great big leap. That alone would save £1 a day at least.
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    I found myself getting all worked up about Jamie and his Sainsbury adverts for "feed a family for £5".... Hah! I can feed my family of 4 for £2, and that includes pudding sometimes! :p

    Well done you, sounds like you are on a roll. I must admit, I like the 'feed a family...' promotion. I know we could all do it on here with what we have learned, or have been doing forever, but I think it raises awareness and makes people think about what they are spending or eating, so is very worthwhile.

    Don't forget, a lot of people out there don't have access to this site and spend a fortune on food - takeaways, readymeals, and general blandness if home cooking, but I think this brings cooking home meals as a good thing to everyone, plus gives some good ideas (I love the sausages and roasted veggies - just adjust to suit) but must agree, like you, I love it when I can make it for less than a £5... I do feel smug then...:D
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    I can't remember the last time a meal cost me a fiver -- or the equivalent as I normally only cook for 3! I was totally horrified when Aldi started their version of this, which seems to be promoting feeding 4 for a tenner :eek: How can a discount supermarket possibly get away with promoting meals that cost twice as much :confused:

    I know they're more 'up market' menus, but if I spent that much even twice a [strike]week[/strike] month I'd never get my bank accounts to balance !!

    Anyway, my GC total is still looking good so far this month :) I'm really pleased with how it's going so far, but I won't be relaxing my grip on the purse strings just yet. ATM it's looking like I should be able to able to both hold it steady /reduce it and additionally include cleaning products/toiletries in it next month :D
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    Morning all

    *where is the icon of a big fat raspberry?* ok -thrrrrrpppp will have to do :rotfl: I broke into my budget yesterday :rolleyes: ... I could have got away with another few days before shopping -but as I had a hospital appointment-so was passing Aldi on the way back it saved petrol making a special trip out later ;)
    Still didn't spend much :p
    1. 3x1 litre fresh milk @ 68c = €2.04
    2. 2kilo leeks @ 85c
    3. 5 huge tins of "emergancy soups" for winter store @ 59c = €2.95 -they are lovely whole soups like lentil n veg, pea n bacon etc
    So I spent a total of €5.84.... not bad as I'm on day 12 of the month and €2.95 is for store stuff oh and I know I won't need anything until at least monday (and then it will be milk if anything)

    Hubby has left for work with a flask of cream of broccoli/minted pea soup - it was lucky dip from the freezer -luckily the 2 mixed together taste really nice :T
    I have some pasta bake for my lunch -had some left from dinner last night :D

    Have some dough proving ready to stick in the remoska ;) and dinner tonight is corned beef hash n dumplings :j I will do that in my biggest pan on the gas ring -it makes 2 good meals that way:D -the rest will be used thursday with a crust on ;)

    Im slowly making headway in the freezers... the gaps are getting a little bigger -still have a long way to go before I can say I have "space in there"

    Going to make hubby some cream of tomato n lentil soup for tomorrow using some of the last few HG tomatoes that im ripening on the window bottom.. can't wait to get next seasons veggies underway -Will be setting some broad beans, over winter peas at the end of the month and getting hubby to put my arches up for everything to scramble up..

    Princess Leia... I LOVE r.e.m.e the remoska :rotfl: i haven't put my oven on since I had him.. only a week now, but my gas cooker is usually on every day at least once a day -now everything that can go in r.e.m.e -does :T -I got the standard one as there are only 2 of us.. and it uses less energy -but when my free one turns up i will keep it so that on the odd occasion I am cooking for more then I can have 2 on the go :rotfl:

    OrkneyStar.. hope to still see you popping by :T -don't make us stalk you ;) :rotfl: ...
    Pink -I have "house keeping" too :j I love it.. Some folks look at me like im from the dark ages when I say that :confused: when we first got married hubby just told me to use his card to get what i wanted when i wanted :eek: .. But I was having none of it.. we would never know who had taken what out or when:rolleyes: .. so when hubby gets paid I get my €450 housekeeping -its just for food, toiletries n cleaning stuff (everything else is DD)... then hubby knows that what is in his bank after that is "his bit" for golfing etc -hubby wouldn't care if I spent all the housekeeping on stuff for me ..im just getting too tight fisted to do that now:rotfl:
    Doing the GC has meant that I now get to bank quite a lot of the housekeeping...Its still "our" money -but hubby admits he can't save -so I do for both of us:D
    gtx -glad the milk tastes better :j oohhhh what are you crochetting? im nosey :p

    right -enough waffle -better get off and update my signature
    have a great day everyone :D
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    Morning all,
    Yuck here today so looks like DS won't get his planned trip to the park today (shame as it uses up his energy and helps him have a nice nap and I can relax too).
    Thanks for everyone who encouraged me to stay on the thread- I am staying (explained this on previous post so won't waffle again).
    Making lentil soup today and baking rolls (well BM mixing the dough for the first bit) for lunch, and HM pizza from freezer for tea.
    Spent a little in Tesco yesterday (still well within budget though ;)) mainly stocking up on things for DS (he is not gaining weight very quickly so HV suggested some more high fat foods but he is so fussy! Yoghurt and cheese fest though lol!) I nearly bought him some value fromage frais from Tesco last week but on reading ingredients (I always compare value stuff) found out it was reduced fat! They were right next to the stuff designed for kiddies though (full fat ones) so although value is ok for adults is not always for kiddies! Luckily Little Stars are £1 per pack right now so got them as he loves them. If anyone has any high fat toddler recipes then I would appreciate them (MS ones of course ;)).
    Originally Posted by susan946 viewpost.gif
    home made baked beans
    Susan- recipe please ? :D
    Originally posted by ifonlyitwaseasier viewpost.gif
    courgette flatbreads
    IOIWE- recipe for these too please ? :D

    MrsM- did you use a crochet book ? I can do long lines but cannot turn into circles or squares. Also do you know how I can knit for preemies (I am a decent knitter so could do cardies, hats etc) ?
    Hope all was ok at hospital appointment.

    Ok, you all thought I was gone and look at the waffle :eek: :eek: (hopefully some is relevant though :))
    Take care everyone.
    :heartpuls :heartpuls :heartpuls
  • Free REMOSKA??? Wow I want one of those LOL. EDIT - just seen your post about the free one! I had a look in Lakeland at them and the grand would do us (as there is 5 of us) and it will help even if I can do cheese on toast on it as I hate putting the grill on to do that!!
    Well. I spend £4 yesterday as I had to get some milk and marg, and planning on doing big Mr T delivery for thurs once I know my new fridgefreezer is here and working ;)
    Got a fruit bread on at the mo and got mexican enchiladas tonight (a naughty box mix but they were on BOGOF)
    Also got a bag of spinach to use up ASAP as my meal plan went haywire so need to have that for dinner tomorow somehow, probably in a pasta sauce.....
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    £1k in 100 days so far - £235 :p
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    Hi Orkney

    Glad you are staying :T
    The hospital was fine thanks -just an MRI scan ...
    I tried using instructions from a book :eek: ..then someone suggested you tube :rotfl: so i went on "you tube" and put "crochet" in the search and there are loads of videos in there..and it made sense ..eventually :p .. Im just going up n down in lines making a blanky at the moment -but once this is done im going to look at learning more stitches :o
    I will track down the lady who was asking for help knitting for premature and stillborn babies... and Pm you it when I can find it again as im going to do some stuff too

    sorry its off topic folks :o ... will be quiet again now :D
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    Hi Guys,

    You are good, you make me feel better now I know that 12 pints isn’t so bad. (thanks kindlesgirl and CW18) hopefully a nsd today!
    Orkneystar - pleased that you are staying you would have been missed. I know its hard to keep on track! Dink1
    JanGC £250/£82 far:weight loss 1lb cc250/£86/cm40/£9.50 :A
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