October 2008 Grocery Challenge. Please read first two posts.

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  • Hi all,
    Still on target, but as I have already spent over 1/2 the months budget its going to be tough.
    Dinner last night was grilled marlin marinated in soy, grapefruit juice and garlic, all except soy was free, served with a garden salad, also free.
    Tonight is shepherds pie (well bulked out with lots of veg and lentils, actually stretched the mince into 3 meals for DH and me.
    Hope everyone is having a great day
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    hi all
    nsd for us today and meal plan working well - so well that dh had evening meal ready for me when i got in tonight - admittedly all he had to do was heat it up because i'd lifted it out the freezer last night but every little helps;)

    mrs m you were right the milk tastes much better today - still not quite right but drinkable by all and the crocheting has begun:T

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    Hi everyone

    Thanks so much for all your inspiring ideas, sorry I haven't time to post much.

    I am determined that this month i am going to try to be really good and take my lead from all your truly hard-working motivated people :j :T

    So far I have spent 1/10/08 £19.12 and 5/10/08 £44.22 both in Sainsburys.

    I am quite pleased as I feel that this will last us for quite a while and I am feeling much more positive and motivated at the moment thanks to all you wonderful people here! :A :A

    Pink thanks so much for the recipes, I will let you know how I get on with them.

    Take care

  • dink1 wrote: »
    Hi Guys,
    Went to Mr T’s today and spent £7.16 on essentials, milk etc, we seem to be getting through loads a weeks (well over 12 pints!):eek:

    What only 12pints a week!;) I've got a 7.5 yo and nearly 12yo and I'm buying on average 8 pints every 2-3 days depending on cereal intake and milk at bedtime! :rotfl:I'm forever in Iceland - 4 pints only £1.20 cheapest I can get round her for full fat! At least Iceland have got a new card today for special offers and money off coupons it seems and entries into comps - so we'll wait and see what happens!
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    What only 12pints a week!;) I've got a 7.5 yo and nearly 12yo and I'm buying on average 8 pints every 2-3 days depending on cereal intake and milk at bedtime! :rotfl:
    I use skimmed, and a pint lasts me almost as long as it stays fresh!!

    DH and DS(17) get through full-fat for fun though! I reckon on 16 pints (minimum) a week just for them, and when other DS(19) is home that figure is more like 26 (or even 28) :eek:
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    booklover wrote: »
    Sorry to be nuisance but what does everyone's target include?

    We are including ALL food, visits to coffee shops, meals out, take aways, ice creams, sweets as well as toiletries and cleaning stuff & alcohol.
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  • Hi all,

    Just checking in. Feeling quite smug at the moment as I have just come back from Mr Ts and I timed it perfectly for their reduced prices - the lady was reducing stuff as I was there, and she asked what I wanted, then checked and reduced the prices further!! I spent £32.44 and have worked out that if I had paid full price it would have been over £50!!

    I have been cooking from scratch every day this week, making own bread too (still need to practice that) and kids are all thrilled with some of the meals I have come up with!

    I found myself getting all worked up about Jamie and his Sainsbury adverts for "feed a family for £5".... Hah! I can feed my family of 4 for £2, and that includes pudding sometimes! :p
    If I had a pound for every...... oh sod it, if I just had a pound I'd be richer!
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    evening all,

    well we had a tragedy last night, our kettle died!!!!!
    so i had to get a new one today. i got a Mrt Value one and i'm not counting that out of our budget, but i did spend £4.62 on bread flour, bananas, pasta salad(i know, the shame) and choc biscuits (mrT penguins)

    made some courgette flatbreads, which are nomnomnom, got the recipe from here ages and ages ago and hadn't tried them out before. if anyone hasn't got the recipe i'll repost it for you x

    take care all

    ioiwe x
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    Just popped in to update, NSD today. Much easier when I don't go in to the shops as I don't actually need anything. Off on a jolly, sorry meant work thing :rotfl: until Thursday now. Have separate money aside for this as I somehow think there may be a few lemonades being had! :beer:

    Glad I made the mushroom risotto the other night as when I got in from work, I was proper hungry. I had been running the fridge down as I will be away. Feel like I have learned so much already!
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    Just popping by to declare a spend of £13.83 on food over the weekend taking me up to £64.33 of my £160 budget. I took the chance to stock up on porridge since MrT was discontinuing the brand I like and it was reduced. I'm hoping I got enough bananas and yoghurt to last 2 weeks although it's hard to tell these days. I think I will need to do a lidl trip sometime soon though - I'm running low on tinned tomatoes and theirs are the best.

    Fingers crossed I can do it this month!
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