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October 2008 Grocery Challenge. Please read first two posts.

in Old style MoneySaving
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  • Hello everyone, I know it's late but I can only do weekly so please MRSM can you please put me down for 50 pounds each week I will start each Monday sorry my pound sign button has vanished!:confused:
    My budget will include everything except wine and petrol, that's for me and my two lovely daughters and a big fat bunny.
    Sadly, you don't have any badges yet but keep trying! See what you could get........... oh boo hoo I am crying into my wine. :D
  • Rowan9Rowan9 Forumite
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    In to report my first spend - £18.05. I'm pleased because I stuck to my list (apart from instant hot choc but I'm putting that down to the rainrolleyes.gif ). So we have pollock, pizza, fish fingers, off cuts of bacon to make a pasta sauce and a nice farm chicken for this week. Some healthy, some not so healthy tongue.gif

    ed to take off the dog biscuits as I don't count dog food in grocery challenge
  • Extremely good shop today

    Premier (30 eggs) £2
    Iceland (Fr Fish Fillets + 2xFr Veg) £5
    Halal Market (2kg Gr Lentils + 1.2kg Bananas) £3.16
    International Foods (100g chili powder + 1kg apples) £1.60

    = £11.76

    Also annoyingly was buying food for a society I am running and needed some spinach so bought some fresh spin, 1kg, for £2.50 then walked to a nearby shop where they were selling tinned spinach leaves, 70p, for about 800g...ooh well
    Buy for value not cost.
    Feb Grocery = £55.87 / 80
  • CherryPieCherryPie Forumite
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    Only 1 week in and I'm already at £30:eek: ??? I am away for a few days next week though and have had to buy some toiletries & stuff for that. Having said that, I still have a full freezer so the food should be fine for the rest of the month. Must stop going into supermarket and browsing!!
    My name is CherryPie and I'm addicted to grocery shopping!!

    Grocery Challenge

    Feb 2016 - £46.73 / £100.00
  • gtxgtx Forumite
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    Bullet - thanks we have a lot of hm lasagne :T :T - never thought of cheese sauce - doh! - i can freeze it until i make the next batch of lasagnes.

    Mrs M - only just did it going to use the bulk to do as bullet suggested but hopefully your right and we'll have some milk for breakfast in the morning either that or it's toast all round:confused:

    angelatgraceland - at least i'll know for next time:o

    on a happier note my broth smell delicious

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    Hi gtx

    Hopefully it will be ok in the morning :D
    When I have lots of milk to use up i make cheese sauce and freeze it in tubs -I only have to wash one big pan that way ;) plus it makes doing cauli cheese, pasta bakes so much less effort :p

    Will report that im now in day 10 of my NSDs in a row :j determined to see how far i can get before I give into the lure of the shops :o ... mind -another 19 days and we get paid again - so im 1/3rd through the month without having spent 1c:j
    I have convinced myself that sitting crochetting my blanky is much more important than spending my pennies;) and we are eating really well just the same :D
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  • BlairweechBlairweech Forumite
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    MrsM - How do you not get an urge to spend? I mean, I don't buy much at all, but I have just bought myself some new winter boots, as my old ones are fallling apart. But now I have actually spent some money, I want to spend more!! Or is that why you try and avoid spending money for as long as possible...
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  • Well I went to our local somerfield earlier and did the first big shop of the month, decided to resist Tesco as I knew I'd be tempted to deviate from my shopping list.

    We're without a car for the next 2 weeks or so, so thought I'd best stock up on cat food and stuff, also needed the ingredients for my christmas cake. I spent £52.52 and got absolutely loads - the fridge freezer is full, the cupboards are full - well chuffed! I had a bargain on loo roll too, £6 for 2x9 packs of Andrex (loo roll, ketchup and baked beans are the only non value things I buy, I need the branded stuff!)

    Feel like I'm well on track with this so far, it's my first month. I have sort of menu planned for the week, and the only things I'll need to buy over the next 2 weeks is milk, bread and fresh fruit :D

    Hope everyone else is doing well so far x
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  • 1 cup of soup mix
    Hi angelatgraceland - thanks for posting this sausage cass in the SC - just what I was needing - new to the batch cooking scene - what is soup mix????
    and how long do you do it in the SC?

    Sweet and sour por - again thanks - will give this a go - how long for and what heat?

    sorry for the stupid questions but I am a beginner!!!!

    TF xx
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    could do better - must try harder
    Live each day as if its your last

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  • bullet wrote: »
    I did a corned beef and piccalilli pie yesterday that tasted delicious. Had some cabbage to go with it.

    Mmm, this sounds great. I loved corned beef and piccalili :D How do you make it into a pie?
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