Feedback wanted from users with disabilities

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We're looking for some feedback from users with disabilities. The site has gone through a number of cosmetic changes recently and we'd love to know how these as well as all the existing features stand up. We have had accessibility audits done but I want to know what real users actually think.

Do you have access problems with the site, if so any suggestions please.

I cant promise to change them straight away (some things like forum software are beyond our control), but we will look at them.

I will also be setting up an email to reply to this, that will come in the weekly e-mail in case one of those accessibility issues is using the forum.

Thanks in advance


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    Just to add a little something here, and I don't intend to be unfair to Martin or the team: I think the most recent version of the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) has started covering web and internet use, which is why more and more organisations are performing similar exercises to what Martin has asked.

    I think the RNIB and RNID each have a set of guidelines for sites that want to cater for blind and deaf users, and there are guidelines from the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) as well.

    If any of the problems with MSE accessibility highlighted to Martin and the team are down to the vBulletin forum software, perhaps the team can contact the developers and pass on their feedback and user experiences?

    Just a few thoughts, and I hope I haven't offended or stepped on anyone's toes.
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    Why not ask the RNIB and the RNID to audit the site? They check out things that site users may not think of.
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  • I know that I am a pain in the backside....but you asked for disabled peoples opinions...

    The forum looks a bit crammed - not enough "white space"

    My disability is that my nerves don't work properly, causing me pain and involentry movements amoung a million other things which include visual disturbances, so when alot of things are crammed into small spaces they kinda move alot.
    If my typing is pants or I seem partcuarly blunt, please excuse me, it physically hurts to type. :wall: If I seem a bit random and don't make a lot of sense, it may have something to do with the voice recognition software that I'm using!
  • I have gloucoma and have problems reading print that is the same colour as the background (although a different shade)

    such as under your post here Martin on the 'forum tip' part at the bottom, I find it hard to read the bit at the bottom 'view past emails' as it sort of blends into one

    I also agree with 'the white space' thing as I find a big block of writing confusing to follow.

    Feel free to contact me if you want me to add any thing or you not sure what I mean! ... not sure if I have explained it too well?
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  • People with colourblindness may also have difficulties with the same colour/different shades thing - granted it's not a disability but still...

    What I can't see properly at all and moves around alot is reverse block (white writing on black background).

    Also when links are close together and you have spazzy hands it takes forever to click on the right link sometimes. Granted the last 2 are general of any forum
    If my typing is pants or I seem partcuarly blunt, please excuse me, it physically hurts to type. :wall: If I seem a bit random and don't make a lot of sense, it may have something to do with the voice recognition software that I'm using!
  • I have dyslexia. I have to change the background colour in word processors and spreadsheet programs to help me read text clearly from a screen. Unfortunately, web browsers don't have this facility built-in. I know it is possible to have "hot links" on a page that allows a user to change just the colour of the background and/or text. I also use Firefox, which allows me to zoom-in or -out of a page. Hold down the CTRL key and press "+" or "-" to zoom in or out respectively. Alternatively, using a similar "hot link" to change the colours to alter the size of the text. For an example of the "hot links" system, please have a look at the British Dyslexia Association web-site:
  • Personally - I have dyslexia and dyspraxia and I find the site a bit "messy" - it's hard for me to read small font text if it's close together (especially if it's different colours!)
    I do like the tabs at the top though (the ones for cards/loans, Reclaim £1000's, etc) - nice and big and bold!

    Being able to change the background colour within the site would be advantageous, as well as being able to change the colour/font/size of the text.

    (As a professional rec, the RNIB do provide a number of services to adhere to varying degrees of accessibility)
  • Hi, I don't have a disability myself, but I'm actually a web developer who specialises in accessible websites, so wanted to offer a couple of suggestions.

    First, there's an organisation called the Shaw Trust ( who I would wholeheartedly recommend you contact to audit the website. They test sites with a variety of users with disabilities, and offer incredibly detailed and useful feedback

    There's also a free alternative (which I'm sure will be popular here! ;)) - the community on the Accessify website ( will take a look at sites and offer their feedback. There's a number of real industry experts there, many of whom have disabilities.

    One practical suggestion from me:
    I noticed in registering for the forum that you have to fill in a 'captcha' - typing in the series of letters and numbers shown in an image.
    I know why it's there (to help stop spam by testing that we're humans and not robots), and I know that it's part of the forum software (although I'm sure it can be switched off...), but please consider getting rid of it - they are a real accessibility problem. Blind and some poor sighted users cannot use them, and users with learning difficulties and some users with dyslexia may have real problems.

    I have no disability (beyond being a bit shortsighted!), yet it still took me three tries to type in the correct sequence. I think it's safe to assume that some other users will have tried and failed to get past it, and would simply give up on registering.
  • I must admit that I always have trouble with those capcha things. A right pain. Not sure if here has them, but maybe offer an alternative instead/as well as. For example, you can choose whether admin manually allow you or if you fill in the capcha
    If my typing is pants or I seem partcuarly blunt, please excuse me, it physically hurts to type. :wall: If I seem a bit random and don't make a lot of sense, it may have something to do with the voice recognition software that I'm using!
  • Hi all

    I am finding the topics too close together. I have ME/CFS and reading a lot of print is difficult if there are no gaps between topics.

    Greta site though
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