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    I really, really don't like the idea of blowing a whistle down the phone or being verbally abusive to the callers themselves - most workers at these call centres are doing a soul-destroying job for peanuts and would much rather be doing something else if there were more options open to them. It's a real irritation for us, but I think we have to find ways to solve the problem without getting personal.

    For criminal fraud - the world's largest and most profitable crime that is in part responsible for the current failure of capitalism - "zero tolerance" is the only effective policy. That has to include the foot soldiers in the call centres.

    I don't think I would go as far as cutting off hands ;) but if the exercise was made not profitable, it would go away.

    Similar to the El Al attitude to terrorism.
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    I usually give such callers a minute to tell me what they are about and then I interrupt politely citing myself as an expert in the field they calling about.

    So if they call about shares, I pretend to be a share broker, if its about PPI then I become a PPI lawyer, if its about broadband/mobile then I am become a telecom employee. Usually this stops them in their tracks and then I ask them to remove me from their calling list as I am expert who'd not need their service.

    Always works and now I get maybe one call a month down from 5-6 per week.

    Also consider de-listing yourself from the directory because that's where the call centre folks get your number from !!
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    Try using just one word 'Yes' whatever they say. You would be surprised how much fun it can be, especially when they get wise and ask "You're an idiot aren't you?" before they hang up.
    I have avestedinterest.info in writing @JChapmanAuthor
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    When they say "how are you?" TELL THEM.... every ailment you can think of, why you couldn't sleep, how ill the dog is and so on ....they go away!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    My tactic - which seems very effective - is to answer the phone with a simple hello, then when I know it's a spam call I say (in an official voice)...

    "oh thank you for calling, this is a specialist police department investigating illegal (overseas) phone calls. Now, I've activated the trace on the call and please note this conversation is being recorded. I need your name, private address and telephone number as well as company information for your employer... "
    (waffle on as long as you can/need)

    So far it's worked like a charm - I was receiving up to a dozen "international" calls per day (like others I have friends overseas so always answer). Since I used this spiel a few times the calls have stopped! :rotfl:
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    I ask them to wait a couple of seconds while I connect the recording device....that usually stops them!
  • I'm getting nuisance calls from people with asian accents assume they are in India. So today, I called BT to ask them to move my number to ex-directory. The representative told me it probably wouldn't help because my number was already in their hands, but I persisted and said at least it wouldn't be so readily available. She told me she would have to transfer me to their call centre.... three guesses where she transferred me to..... BT's call centre in India. Nice job BT....:mad:
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    Those of you who talk to these numbers are not being clever. You only making a rod for your own back, because if you identify yourself as an individual, your number will continue to be sold on to others around the world. You should wait for callers to identify themselves. Give them a few sconds. If they do not, say nothing.Just put the phone down! If it is important, or someone you know, they will call again,especially if you have told all your friends and relatives to say who they are when they call you.You can explain why, and advise them to do the same.
    If you do get caught out, and unintentionally answer give some fictia hello, again wait for the caller to identify.If you are asked a question, you can then just say nothing and put the phone down, or you can give a fictitious corporate identity such as 'National Bank', or (your city)+Dogs Home, etc. Or just ask 'which department?' If the caller asks who you are, repeat whch department? Then put the phone down. The reasons should be obvious. used to get several calls a day. Now I get one in a blue moon.:rotfl:
  • Generally I ask "Where did you get my number?" They ring off straightaway, or they say I filled in a form online and gave my number. I answer that I was looking for information and couldn't get any further without giving it. I then ask that they remove me from their database.

    I have had a number of calls asking if I have had a grant to insulate my house. I reply that I had it done last year, (true).

    International calls now have me picking up and ringing off immediately. It is getting quieter. Some of them don't have anyone on the other end anyway, so I don't feel ashamed.

    A call at 3 am is an international call from a place where it is working hours. When it happened to me, I went online to my bank and removed my number from their records. I had no more calls at 3 am on a Sunday.

    I don't answer if I am listening to the radio that I want to hear, or if I am in the shower. I am with the MPS and the TPS, and remind domestic callers to check. Some of them say you have to re-register. If you don't want to have nuisance calls you shouldn't have to re-register.

    I have a telephone to do my personal business or to receive calls from my friends. I do not have it to receive sales calls from anyone else. I don't have to speak to anyone, or listen to them unless I choose to. If it is something like insulation, I treat them politely, I'm afraid I give some solar energy companies a long hearing, and only tell them I already have it at the end of their spiel. That's true too, but often I don't get the chance before.
  • International cold calling continues because it's still economically viable. If each agent can make (say) 200 cold calls a day they'll be hitting enough volume to ensnare at least one person.

    All you have to do is make it economically unviable by wasting the cold callers time.

    When you answer, sound extremely interested, and tell them you're just going to put the phone done to get a pen/turn the radio off/close the door. Then walk away. Leave them there, hanging on. Come back ten minutes later and hang up.

    If everyone did this, it would soon be too much of a nuisance to make nuisance calls.
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