How accurate is the Parkers car price guide?

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Hi all,

Just wondering if the Parkers guide is a realistic way of finding out how much I should pay for a car?

I want to buy a 2005 Honda Civic type R ,had a look in Parkers price guide & it says that I should expect to pay about £8,700 from a Honda main dealer (taking into account some sensible haggling) However all the ones I've seen on dealer websites are priced around £10,000 - £12,000. Can I expect to get at least 1300 quid off the price of a used car at a main dealer using this guide?

I've tried looking on some of the popular brokers websites however most of them don't really seem to include Honda for some reason?

Thanks, Gaz.


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    rarely have I found parkers to be very close on pricing, but it gives you a ball park.

    it's unlikely a dealer will discount the vehicle just because you show them a book that says they should.

    I guess it's all about supply and demand.

    show them £8,700 on a £10k car and see what they say? you won't lose anything, they may laugh, they may sell it to you.
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    I've always found parkers to be wildly inaccurate - no use whatsoever.
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    Another vote for wildly innacurate.

    Doing a nationwide search on autotrader for the car you are after will give you a better idea of prices.

    As it is a Honda you are thinking of then I would suggest contacting local official Honda dealers and asking when they are next having an 'event' local dealer has some really great deals on used Honda's during these events.
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    Using Vauxhall's link through to Glass' guide gives a good indication of what the car would stand Honda in at.
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    the only way to get a true price for a car is to see what you can pay.
    People that come into me with Parkers in hand often get laughed at. Cos they want the car at such a price "cos it says so in Parkers".
    Or I offer them a PX price which is loads less than Parkers. They tell me what it says in Parkers, so I ask them to look up what the car they are buying from me should be sold for in Parkers for. They soon shut up...

    What everyone has to remember is Parkers guide is exactly that - a guide! Nothing more...
  • Thanks for the replies so far.

    I had a look on autotader & the private & independant dealers seem to be there or thereabouts with regards to the price in Parkers. But the main dealers seem a fair bit higher.

    I don't mind paying a fair price but just wondering the best way to frind out how much i should be paying & then go to a dealers with the aim of getting a fair deal. I didn't just want to walk into a dealers with my Parkers guide in hand & then get laughed at (quite rightly, lol.)

    Does anyone have any tips & advice for haggling? I've got the money at hand, can this be a useful bargaining tool or will it go against me as the dealer wont get comission for arranging finace.

    Thanks again.
  • harveybobblesharveybobbles Forumite
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    Anything more than 9000 in cash has to be reported to C&E.
    Also our bank will charge us for putting in a huge amount in cash. Therefor I charge my customers this. Or tell em to use their debit card.
    Yes we get commission for sorting out finance too. But the amount of sodding paperwork doesnt make it worth it lol.
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    main dealers will always be more expensive, they have higher overheads, and in theory sell a newer, better car, with a manufacturer's warranty.

    bought my honda from a independent dealer though.

    if you want the car, and you have the money, set a limit and stick to it. walk away if it's too much, I'd say that's your best bet.

    and compare one or two, don't fall for the first one. if you don't get the first one, there will be another.
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    In my experience Glass' is most accurate by far. It's the most respected guide amongst the motor trade and insurers.
  • I find the parkers guide is more for traders.

    My last car Honda Integra Type R - 1998 was valued in there at £2250 and I sold it for £5000 privately..
    I would have used my own initiative if someone would have told me to!
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