WooHoo! I just paid £7 for a haircut! (inc tip!) How much do you pay?

:wave: :j The lady who comes round and does my MIL's hair just sorted mine out as well - and later I'm going to colour it myself with a £3.99 dye from Savers. :eek:

A Cut and Colour would normally cost me £114 plus tip at my "middle of the road" salon - but there's a credit crunch on so Ithought I'd better try harder to find a cheaper salon. :D

I recently tramped all round 3 towns asking how much they charged for a cut and finish, a dozen highlights through the top and a semi permanent colour. The cheapest I could find was £82 with a gormless looking junior in a place with plastic garden chairs, :rolleyes: and the most expensive was £180 at the Salon my friend N recommended. :eek: Blimey - and she goes at least once a month! :confused:

So - how much do you pay round your way?

Love Jacks xxx :D
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  • Bagpuss741
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    My cousin is a qualified hairdresser so she does mine:D £5 for a cut and blow dry and £10 for highlights.
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  • suzialwaysbroke
    £47 for a root touch up, £65 if I have it cut as well, you got an absolute bargain by the sound of it!
  • **Amy**
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    I dont have a colour anymore as I found i do a better job! :rotfl:

    For a cut i pay £30, which is why I havent been for nearly 6 months! :D

    Debt: just my mortgage :D
  • peb
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    I was sulking coz my favourite place has just gone up to £6, I usually just have a fringe trim which has gone up to £1.50.

    Considering doing a colour myslef but tbh cannot be bothered!
  • (Land_of)_Maz
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    As my hair gets shorter and shorter i was finding the trips getting too frequent... plus my local market town hairdresser has gone from £18 to £23 in less than 2 years.... still much cheaper than city hairdresser which would be minimum £35, not to mention more petrol...

    Never have colour in mine, altho as they greys are coming, watch this space!!!

    I sent off for a herbal essences free cut voucher, which i used for Erin's back to school haircut... they nominate where you have to go within your selected area.... so we went along and she got a great cut and blowdry for Free!!! yippeeee!

    It was so good i booked myself in for a full price cut n blow dry, and paid £15, so i was well happy. Fab cut, nice salon, modern decor, nice smellies, cup of tea etc etc! So i know where i'm going next time!

    £7 is hard to beat though Jacks, if it wasn't a family member rate, you've got to wonder why she undervalues herself like that... surely anyone wouldn't grudge her more, if she's good..... are you happy with it??
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  • jembie
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    I go to the local KM training salon and pay between £7 - £10 depending on whether I get it straightened and if I give a tip :)
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  • Gemmzie
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    £8.50 for a cut by our mobile hairdresser, not had it coloured in ages so not sure what it'd be.
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  • gettingbetter

    £35 for cut, highlights and blow dry here

    kas x
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  • SingleSue
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    Colour it myself and a cut and dry is about £10.

    Had my 3 sons hair done on Monday (not small boys) and it came to £12 total!
    We made it! All three boys have graduated, it's been hard work but it shows there is a possibility of a chance of normal (ish) life after a diagnosis (or two) of ASD. It's not been the easiest route but I am so glad I ignored everything and everyone and did my own therapies with them.
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  • ally_bally_3
    Am ashamed to say mine's is about £130 for a cut and colour but I only get it done properly once every 8 or 9 months. For my birthday my mum offered to pay £100 for it as she knew I was miserable about not being able to afford it and I just told me hairdresser I only had £100 so he gave me the colour for free as a birthday present.

    I know its a huge extravagance but it took me years and years to find someone I trusted so I make savings in other areas (clothes etc) to compensate for it!
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