Diamond Resorts-is it a scam?

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I have had an unsolicited letter from 'Diamond Resorts' offering me a 2 night break in a luxury apartment in the UK (Devon/Staffs/Lake District) for £69, just for listening to their 90 minute sales pitch (timeshare).

Now, I have NO intention of ever buying a timeshare, but is it worth that 90 minutes for a super-cheap break? My 'too good to be true' radar suggests it probably is a bit rubbish, but has anyone else used them? Any cautionary tales etc?



  • powlestpowlest Forumite
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    Hi Lazymummy,

    Had the same letter myself and to be honest the hotels look quite nice. Would be interested to hear from anyone who has been on one of these. I don't mind 90min for a cheap couple of nights away, as long as that's all there is to it...
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    Usually they'll give you a voucher which enables you to ring up and book accom, but there is often booking fee which you have to pay before you're given available dates which are often not the ones you want.
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    I've been to one of those type things some years back.

    90 Minute sales pitch is about right........ followed by about 4-5 HOURS of HARD SELLING!!

    The 90 Mins is the presentation where they show videos of all the opportunities and waffle about the greatness of it all.

    I consider myself to be quite level headed and had ABSOLUTELY no intention of buying any of their rubbish but "my word" did they lay it on thick?

    It got to the point where we had three of them leaning over us talking to each other about how they can't understand how we can be so stupid as to not want to sign up with them. It really was emotional bullying, not persuading..... bullying!

    When I raised my voice and started a bit of fist banging on the table the Background music in the room went up a few notches to drown out my voice so the other victims couldn't hear.

    Even I considered just signing the damn thing but cancelling it afterwards just to get away!!

    Eventually I got my way and we left on very bitter terms (I almost felt violated!!)

    It did annoy me though to hear so many Champagne Corks being popped from so many other tables where people had signed up.

    Apart from that we had a nice time, the Hotel and staff are nothing to do with it at all, once the day has been wasted with these vultures you can enjoy yourself.

    I wouldn't recommend going though unless you are 100% commited to not joining no matter how they make it sound (and they do make it sound good).
    Even if you are quite a strong character, don't underestimate the pressure they will put on you.

    Not for the feint hearted at all.
  • Thanks CHR15-you've confirmed my suspicions! I don't think I can be bothered to go through all that nonsense for a cheap break!
  • brightonman123brightonman123 Forumite
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    any firm thats needs 90 minutes to sell ANYthing must be doing something very wrong!
    Long time away from MSE, been dealing real life stuff..
    Sometimes seen lurking on the compers forum :-)
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    So, Col1957. how did you come by MSE?
  • oldagetravelleroldagetraveller Forumite
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    Call me Mr Cynical COL but do you perchance have anything to do with Diamond Resorts?
    1st post or not methinks you do!:rolleyes:

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    Start by looking on Crimeshare.... google the company names.........they WILL steal your money without any doubt,dont ever go to a presentation,if you think you can hold out........you wont..........but all you clever ones that go just for the prize or the gift you will be lambs to the slaughter....and as for signing and cancelling after.....sounds good hey.........didn,t you read the small print.....or did the "shampain" cloud your judgement.....how can anyone with only one head be so stupid as to buy timeshare or holiday points....only my opinion of course......come on...all you lot that have bought in the past,tell us how great it is......you are only trying to convince yourself.....and as for selling your timeshare with thieves that promise to sell it for a unbelievable price that advertise on a major news channel....again try Crimeshare..............
    Political?....I dont do Political....well,not much!
  • Oh my, TWO newbies telling us how wonderful timeshare is... It must be true.

    We (foolishly) went to one of these presentations when we were on holiday one year (think it was in malta). They took us to this lovely hotel, had a look round, all very nice . They promised us a voucher for a free meal, some free wine and a free boat trip the following day. Well after an hour or so of being told we were off our heads to not buy, think they actually called my ds an imbecile! Anyway, had enough, said forget it we just want our freebies. Sorry they said, no freebies, tough luck. And then refused to take us back to our hotel (another promise). Ended up walking for bloodly miles in the scrotching heat not really sure of which way was home.

    never again.

    If its such a great investment why do they need the hard sell?
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