MMD: Should you take the kids out of school for a holiday?



  • debbsie
    debbsie Forumite Posts: 17 Forumite
    Well, I took my kids out of school sometimes for holidays. It didn't stop them from going to University.
    What I wouldn't do, is what my parents did once, and have them miss the very first week of secondary school. I is still traumatised by that.

    Give it a bit of thought.

    Although, now, I like to go away the end of September, beginnning of October, cos there are no kids in the way.
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  • ruth39
    ruth39 Forumite Posts: 19 Forumite
    My partner has no choice about the holidays she gets off. These are set down at the beginning of the year. She gets 20 days. I am the manager of a small business, and although my holiday times are more flexible, there are large chunks of the year when it is simply too busy for me to take two weeks off. Trying to get time off at the same time is usually a nightmare to organise, and we don't always manage it. Trying to get this to coincide with school holidays is sometimes simply impossible.

    Most teachers have only worked in the education system or in temp jobs as students. I think most have no idea of how difficult it can be in lots of jobs to get time off. My partner for example, used to work in a play project. Nobody was allowed time off during any school holidays as this was their busiest period. And still some of the staff who were parents had teachers giving them a hard time because they wanted to take time off during school holidays.
  • LoveLifeAgain
    LoveLifeAgain Forumite Posts: 187
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    Without hesistation I would, provided that it would be the only real holiday I could afford and that my children would not suffer schoolwise. I admit that I have often taken children out of school for holidays and they have not suffered one jot. :p On the contrary they are doing extremely well, both are well up in their class, top in a lot of subjects and have never failed an examination, passing with flying colours. I agree that if my children were struggling, or just managing to maintain a medium level in subjects I would not do this at all. Would probably spend the money on extra tuition, but it is unfair to brand all children the same and because one may be struggling others have to miss out. Parents should do what they feel is right for their whole family and if schools are concerned about children, then they should turn their energies to the bullying that goes on. :eek:
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  • sluggy1967
    sluggy1967 Forumite Posts: 190 Forumite
    brucie24 wrote: »
    Our local LEA now fines parents for taking children out of school without permission from the Head/Govenors. Both the Headteachers of my childrens schools (primary & secondary) have said explicitly that permission WILL NOT BE GIVEN for ANY holiday!

    If we decide to take the children out without permission we face a fine of £ 50-00 per child per parent per week!

    With 3 children (and as far as I know, a happy marriage;) ) that means a two week holiday would cost
    us £600-00 !!!!!!!!!!! :o

    Hence the answer to the dilema is NO I wouldn't.

    In a situation like that, I think I would lie & say my child was ill!!!!!

    Also, I think it's ridiculous of a school to refuse permission, as unauthorised absences count against the school on league tables!!
  • Xenos
    Xenos Forumite Posts: 47 Forumite
    ruth39 wrote: »
    Most teachers have only worked in the education system or in temp jobs as students. I think most have no idea of how difficult it can be in lots of jobs to get time off.

    This really isn't true, and is very unfair! It's actually quite amazing how many teachers have worked in industry. The 'straight out of Uni' ones aren't that common. I myself was a web designer. My former boss worked as a stock trader. Others have worked abroad, in large commercial companies and had their own businesses.

    Teachers do not, on the whole, go into teaching because of the holidays! And it's certainly not for the work-life balance (what was that again?) or the pay! Teachers go into teaching because they believe they have something to offer students, and a lot of that comes from experience.

    By the way, if I had a choice between 25 days a year taken whenever I wanted or 65 days at fixed times, I would take 25 in a shot. But I don't have a choice. I have to go on holiday at the most expensive times of the year whether I like it or not.
  • redglass_2
    redglass_2 Forumite Posts: 771 Forumite
    babyharry5 wrote: »
    I do not expect my sons teacher to help them catch up after - I plan that myself - whilst his teacher is busy photocopying yet another worksheet for my son!!!

    I'm not sure what you have against photocopying or why it's seen as so wicked? Given that the child has missed the class for a holiday it seems an obvious thing to do and is used all the time for worksheets. How else are teachers supposed to make multiple copies - with a quill? :confused: Give them a break!
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  • stressedoutmum
    stressedoutmum Forumite Posts: 1,194 Forumite
    We class ourselves as very responsible parents but we do take our children out of school in S eptember because that is when my husband gets holidays. He works at an airport so his busy times are when everyone else is going away. He works Christmas Day/Christmas Eve etc. Most bank holidays, Easter so we dont have any choice. My children usually miss the first week of the term in September but next year they will be back for 3 days and then off for 2 weeks as we have booked our hol for next year. We both get 5 weeks hols per year but the 'Summer' holiday is the only 2 we get together. The remainder of our holidays are divided between us during all the other school holidays. This is the only 2 weeks we get as a family and thats more important to us. The children do well at school. Its fine with the schools/Govt and LEA making rules but these don't suit every family. Our children's education is very important to us but our family life takes priority. It doesnt seem to have harmed our children who both do excellent at school.
  • 4isnotenough
    4isnotenough Forumite Posts: 79 Forumite
    Well first off I would go talk to the child's / childrens teacher and see what they think. I did that a few years ago explaining our personal circumstances and the teahcer actually gave us his blessing! However I would only do it if the child would not suffer educationally in any way. I certainly wouldn't just take the children out and say nothing. If you want to go on holiday and ease your guilt you could always set up a project on the country where you are going, though I doubt if many parents would wish to as they just want to relax.

    But for us it doesn't apply as we now home educate and can go on holiday anytime we like - and we do!
  • balliol
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    Definately not! My kids are now 25, 21 and 16 I have NEVER taken them out of school for a holiday, its simple if you cant afford to take them during normal school holidays then dont go, education is very very important. Consider also that your kids are in a good school that is difficult to get into, the school is within its rights to take your child off its register if they are absent (barring illness )for 10 days or more, you may then have to send your kids to a school you really wouldnt rather! I know its harsh but its important, we took our kids away every other year so we got a really good holiday during school holidays instead of 2 mediocre ones.
  • Katie-Kat-Kins
    Katie-Kat-Kins Forumite Posts: 1,741 Forumite
    Having children is a choice, working in a school is a choice. Both entail being restricted in your choice of holiday time. If you don't like it don't have children or work in a school. Up to you!
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