MMD: Should you take the kids out of school for a holiday?

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Here's this week's hypothetical situation for you to cogitate on:
Would you take the kids out of school for a holiday?

You’re strapped for money and couldn’t afford a family getaway this summer. Yet you notice a super-bargainous holiday to Majorca in the last week of September. It’s much cheaper than the sky-high peak season prices and within reach of your budget. The catch is it would mean taking the children out of school in term time. The kids, aged 8 and 10, would miss ten days of lessons for the hol. You’re worried out them getting behind, but think it will be educational for them to experience another culture. Would you take them out of school for the holiday?

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  • shellsuit
    shellsuit Forumite Posts: 24,749
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    Think you have made a mistake there Jenny ;)

    EDIT : Whoops, you beat me to it! lol

    My reponse would be, so long as it didn't interfere with major exams, then I would quite happily take my children out of school for a holiday.

    We are actually going away in the first week in October this year.
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  • Murphy_The_Cat
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    Yes I'd take an 8 & 10 year old out of school for a holiday, if it was the last week in September. In fact I wouldn't even hesitate to do it if that is what was the most suitable thing for the family.

  • zzzLazyDaisy
    zzzLazyDaisy Forumite Posts: 12,497
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    As far as I know you have to get the school's permission? I have taken my grandchildren on holiday in term time, with the school's permission. I always make sure that they learn about the culture and some of the language. Provided the school has no objection I can't see the problem - and neither of them have fallen behind with their schoolwork, quite the opposite they have both always get really good school reports.
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  • Sheepster
    Sheepster Forumite Posts: 120
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    I can't for personal reasons, but if I could....then I would.

    It's all very well when we had people like Tony Blair bleating on about parents not taking children out of school, and his government threatening fines for doing so....unlike him, we don't get holidays given away!

    His out of touch government should reserve their annoyance for the reason poorer parents take kids out of school - the rip-off holiday companies hiking the prices every single school holiday.
  • fudgecat
    fudgecat Forumite Posts: 289
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    Two weeks out of school in the Autumn term is enough to miss an entire scheme of work of a specific genre in, say, English. If that is the only possibility for the parent and children to take a holiday, then fine as the benefits to family life may well outway any formal education loss. If it is done purely for a cheap deal, then go ahead - but do not convince yourself it will make no difference to your child`s education - it will. I am doubtful that a two week package break on one of the costas will particularly broaden the experience of other cultures?
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  • enor
    enor Forumite Posts: 88 Forumite
    Absolutely 100% would take them out of school, if I could get away with it! I'd also take them out for the day if I felt there was a worthwhile event or just for a break. They're my children not the schools or the governments so as long as they're cared for I can't see why it should matter.
  • luxor4t
    luxor4t Forumite Posts: 11,125
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    YES: but I would ask the primary school for work well in advance, and make sure it was done well.

    After the dreadful summer we have just had I amsure their health would benefit!

    When our kids were that age OH was on a leave rota -choice of holiday times went to those with the longest company service. We had to take our family holiday when the rota dictated or go without. When he first worked there our "summer" holiday was in October!
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  • bap98189
    bap98189 Forumite Posts: 3,801
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    Yes, I would take them on holiday in an instant, so long as we are not talking about 16 year old about to do their exams or something.

    Frankly the whole school system is far too serious nowadays.If people really believe a child's whole education would be ruined by missing a week or so of school they need to lighten up. Whatever happened to enjoying your childhood?
  • phoebe03cat
    phoebe03cat Forumite Posts: 891
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    Quite agree - make the most of childhood while you can. The grind starts soon enough, there's too many exam pressures and incredible stress on primary school children imho; and such a narrow repetitive curriculum it will hardly matter in the scheme of things, especially with all that endless coaching for SATS - and I am a primary teacher/deputy head. Don't think you can expect the school to supply and mark work missed though.
  • parahandy
    parahandy Forumite Posts: 739
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    I'm having to take our daughter out of primary school for a week and one day in October as we're going to Canada, but it coincides with the Scottish October school week.

    I did actually write a letter to the school asking for "authorisation", but they ignored it...
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