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  • Beware of cheap holiday rentals on line,i booked a rental car at Gatwick,not payed for thank god,when i got to Gatwick had a call from the company telling me thay had gone bust.I spent 3 hours trying to find a cheap car but had no luck.In the end it cost me 3 times the amount and a !!!!!! car.
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    Hi all would like to book a car in Charlotte, North Carolina from the 1st july until the 30th. What would the best thing to do as regards insurance. its a minefield. and my Head is pickled. Any advice is appreciated.
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    I have used AUTO EUROPE a lot in Eire & on many of their cars they offer inclusive excess damage at very competetive rates. just get a quote & then scroll down the cars shown to see if this deal is available for the car you want. I haven't found any better deals, but do read the terms etc. & do your own research ! Hope this helps.
  • Please remember when comparing car hire abroad to check out the fuel policy. We have just returned from 5 days in Spain for which we booked a Ford Fusion via carhire3000 at a very good rate. However when we picked it up we had to pay 85 euros to fill it up with diesel and were told to bring it back empty. This would have meant around 4 hours a day in the car to use it up!! Subsequently we had to return it with 3/4s of a tank left. This meant we were around 60 euros out of pocket and had a very sour taste in our mouths.

    This is such a rip off and should be stopped or at least highlighted.
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    I just had a look on auto europe as i'd like to go with a company that's recommonded but it won't quote on car seats and a lot of sites charge way too much for these. does any one know what they charge? I am considering putting the kids very light booster seats in my luggage, do you think that would be acceptable, it's for spain for my 4 and 5 year old. This car hire business is a minefield. we go on may 25th for a week flying in to Gerona and i'm trying to book sooner rather than later. There's 3 adults 2 kids, i'm starting to pull my hair out just a little!!
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    any recs for car hire in alicante. weve used solmar before but heyre coming out quite expensive at the moment. any tips ? thanks in advance
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    have you tried Carjet? You sometimes end up with a Solmar car with them anyway.
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    is it better booking in advance for car hire (we're travelling in august) or waiting nearer the date
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    I think if you book with carjet you can cancel at a later date without penalty so you could book now and cancel and re-book if the price goes down. Please check this yourself on their website though.
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    Was just checking out car hire for my summer hol, and spotted a great deal with Expedia. If you are looking for a larger car, you can get a free £60 voucher to spend on expedia flight+hotel bookings.
    I'm travelling with 3 kids, so this is perfect!!
    Great money saving find! thanks for sharing it! :T
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