Do relationships work when one is wealthy and the other is in debt??



  • This is one of the most interesting threads I've read for a while... so I felt I had to contribute :D

    My boyf and I have been together 4 years and both believe we're in it for the long haul. He has always earned more than me but he's also more spend spend spend so we had similar debts. We lived apart for 1 year and paid equally, but then moved in and rented a flat for 2.5 years and split the rent/bills so although he had more disposible income he also treated me with meals etc (but not major stuff!!)

    6 months ago we bought a house (with about the same deposit) and consolidated our depts (about the same amount). It is OUR house and if we split up it will be 50/50. However although we pay half and half on the mortgage and loan payoff he pays all the bills. My part is food - although as he knows the more MSE and PTS I do the less it costs! We are both on decent incomes - but his is 10K more! He also subs me regularly for nights out and although I will contribute it is NOT 50/50 :o

    We both still have our own acounts and I direct debit him my amount per month. This works for us as I am all about the survey sites and he is about designing his own trainers and then ordering them for lots of cash but to be fair he is getting better!! ') Although I am aware I pay less I justify it (to myself and him!) by the fact I do MUCH more in the house... I have spent the last 6 weeks decorating and painting + the normal cooking/cleaning/washing!

    Anyway, enough rambling but I agree with the earlier posters - it's not really what you each earn, its your attitudes towards it. Plus without being a scrounger, accept those treats - if you earnt more wouldn't you want to share it? :)
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    Hope nobody minds me resurrecting this old thread, it does make for an interesting read :-)

    I have recently met a new man, after a year and a half on my own following a pretty disastrous relationship. We met online, and lovely as he seems I am concerned about the totally different lives we live and incomes - me broke single mother, part time student with part time job!) and him - priveledged upbringing, appears to be financially set with a well paid job. We seem to get on pretty well, loads of chat and 1 date so far.

    I am now at the point where I am pondering doing the second date and seeing how we get on or cutting it off here because I am worried I will feel inferior. As the thread points out, this is probably more about my insecurities than money. xx
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