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As some of you know the Pink Family are visiting Edinburgh from NI and last night we did the Witchery Murder and Mystery tour icon7.gif

As the youngest pink is only 6, Pink was slightly concerned that he may be frightened by Adam Lyall (deceased) the tour leader and the idea of ghosts.

As it turned out young master pink was totally enthralled by Adam Lyall (deceased) and at every stop he was right in the front gazing up at the tour leader and hanging on to his every word
icon7.gif He marched off behind him every time we moved on to make sure he was in the front at the next stop.

We were joined at one stage by a mad monk (sorry you missed it Granny Bargains_Galore we did think about you!) whom Adam Lyall (deceased) had to beat up to make him go away...young master pink joined in this beating with gusto, battering the poor mad monk with his large balloon. It was one of the funniest things on the tour icon7.gif

Many, many thanks to Adam Lyall (deceased) and the Mad Monk aka many other characters and especially for making one little boy very happy and so enjoy his Ghost Tour.

Also thanks to Toozie and MINIMOUSE who pointed Pink in the direction of the Midlothian Visitor Card which gave us £1.50 off the adult price of the tour and in fact we were the first people to ask for this discount, well done the power of MSE icon7.gif

Of course we had to have the obligatory bag of chips after the tour, this time at the Clam Shell but Ivan they just didn't taste the same, maybe its because I paid for them this time icon12.gif


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    I can't recommend the Witchery Murder and Mystery tour highly enough to any visitor to Edinburgh! Although we managed to cram so much into the four days, this tour was definitely one of the highlights of our visit and had children and adults alike laughing out loud.

    Edinburgh is a fantastic city.......and the whole trip was such a success, that I don't think it will be too long before we return! Thank you in particular to Edinburghlass and Bargains_Galore for making us all so welcome. :T We had a fabulous time!!

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    I so wish I'd been able to make it icon9.gif

    but the next trip we'll definitely be joining you icon10.gif

    btw this was my 10,000 post, thought I'd make an occasion of it and go abroad to do it icon12.gif
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    Congratulations on your 10,000 posts Glad! :T

    I so wish you and yours had been there too........I'll hold you to joining us for the next trip! :D

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    brought along a few friends to play Congratulations for you icon10.gif
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