How do I know if I have a soakaway?

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:rolleyes: After reading the forum I decided to call the water board to see if my surface water goes into a main sewer. I have checked my house deeds and they state I have a private sewer and that no public sewer runs through.

I live at the bottom of a steep slope with a private road leading to it. The main road is quite a way away. the slope carries on after my house.

The only drain cover I have on my property seems to be for kitchen and bathroom use. The cover is the size of a saucer with one small pipe going through to a neighbour.

The lady said at the water board if my guttering pipes from my house go into the ground then I have no soakaway. Is that correct. :rolleyes:


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    'Water Board' - there’s nostalgia!!

    I think you will find that a private sewer means that it runs into a main sewer and only your waste is carried. My neighbour’s waste uses the sewer that runs through my garden, and further ‘downstream’ it runs through 2 further properties before it joins the main sewer.

    It is not always easy to determine if your surface water goes into a sewer if you cannot locate the sewer cover, as a general rule modern houses go into soakaway.

    I would simply tell the Water Company that all your surface water goes into a soakaway. They will either accept your word or come and check for themselves.

    You can claim for previous years if you have been wrongly charged.
  • How can I tell whether I am receiving credit for the soakaway run-off? About three years ago my neighbour told me about this rebate. As far as I know Anglia Water gave us a one-off 30 pounds rebate by cheque. We have been living in our house for over 20 years.
  • Our pipes go into the ground, so can we get a rebate then from A.W ?
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    Check with them, S., on 0800 145 145....have your account number to hand.
  • We are 3 terrace houses and i live in the middle. I have guttering but no down pipes at all, as my rain water goes to my neighbours down pipes.
    There is a normal drain cover out back which carries waste water and toilet from next door through mine and other neighbour.
    Does this class as a soak away? When i does rain heavy it takes awhile for it to go into ground.
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