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Great Cheap Airport Parking Hunt merged threads

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Suzz_2Suzz_2 Forumite
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... when pre-booked at

I've used them before & found them reliable.

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    I'd agree-whilst holidayextras CAN have some fab offers they usually sell-out fast! Try searching on the web with the names of small towns nearby-a search in google such as 'bed & breakfast + parking in...'.

    That's the best way!

    Sometimes-especially if you book in advance-it can be cheaper to go by train (if flight times tie up)-taht way you can have the odd drink on the flight (!)

  • chalky_bertiechalky_bertie Forumite
    1.2K posts are quite cheap - they are quoting £83 for hotel and upto 15 days parking but i suppose it depends on when you want to stay

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  • chalky_bertiechalky_bertie Forumite
    1.2K posts

    Did you Know: It costs more than £325,000 a day to run the lifeboat service? (with no government funding) Please donate to the RNLI
  • BoohbahBoohbah Forumite
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    Pink Elephant 020 8564 8811
    Parking Express 0800 626671
    Advance 0870 0002121

    Hope that helps.
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  • AddyAddy Forumite
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    Have you thought about Hotel+parking? Often this can work out cheaper or the same price as parking on it's own - and you get to start your holiday a bit earlier and no stress about getting to the airport in time.

    We did this last year, got into a hotel with an indoor swimming pool, so the kids were happy!

    I did a search for a late August date from Heathrow on and prices start from £82 for a double room including 15 days parking - you can usually pay a small extra for additional days.
  • AddyAddy Forumite
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    Last year I booked a hotel with parking near Heathrow through

    The total cost of the hotel (2 family rooms!) with parking actually worked out only about £10 more than parking alone was going to cost us :o

    The one thing we did get stung on was the cost of the taxi to the airport, as this wasn't included, the hopper bus service didn't start running until later in the morning. Some hotels include the cost of a taxi, if not it's worth checking taxi prices with the hotel before booking.


  • RaggieRaggie Forumite
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    Hi .. sorry to nose in.. but the post by Addy mentions the cost of the Taxi.. which is steep by Heathrow...

    Can I recommend Station Taxis.. don't have the full number .. I book them via work.. starts 01753....

    they are based Near heathrow.. but outside the M25.. so the hotel should have their number..

    its a lot cheaper than using a Black Cab. or a heathrow based firm.. last time from Colnbrook.. to T4 cost about £12.. versus double from a black cab..

    if its of interest I'll get the number off work tommorrow...
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  • leosayer39leosayer39 Forumite
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    Hi all,

    Hi shazrazmataz


    Choose the cheapest option which is usually 'Airparks'

    This company is a fifteen minute drive from the airport with free transfers to and from the airport.

    I have used Airparks a couple of times and been more than happy with their service and prices.

    Leo :):):):)
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  • kahunahenkahunahen Forumite
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    Can I add to Sheels list the following site.

    I used them last month before a holiday to Menorca. The cost for 8 days parking was only £29.00. The car park is virtually on site being only 5 minutes away. There is a direct minibus service to take you and collect you from the terminal.

    Would certainly use them again in the future. Saves about £17.00 from parking in the long term car park which I've done for years.
  • nhnh Forumite
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    I used Ringway car park (BCP) last Sunday at Manchester and it was only £8 for one day. (Arrived Sunday 6.30am, returned Monday 7pm) Click here
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