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Why there's a special section
There's is no definitive way to find the cheapest cartridges, no price comparison engines cover it comprehensively.  Therefore I thought we could harness Moneysavers power to do this properly

What to do
When you find a cheap supply for your printer, please note what the cartridge was and how much you paid, plus any other hints and tips.

To do it - just click reply to the thread

The following list of cheap suppliers was brilliantly compiled by chatter B4UgoZzz from other peoples post on the sites.  They're a good startin point.



http://www.couponmountain.co.uk/The_Ink_Factory/The_Ink_Factory_coupon.h tml
















http://www.nutronic-ltd.com/Merchant2/merchant.mv?Screen=SFNT&Store_ Code=NTL

http://cgi6.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewSellersOtherItems&userid =nutronic-ltd&include=0&since=-1&sort=3&rows=50


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  • Since posting the collection of sites, you may be interested to know how my search for a bargain went. I was after a black cartridge for a Lexmark (3200).

    Original branded best price was £17.99 from https://www.mx2.co.uk
    Compatible...... best price was £10.99 from https://www.e-inkjet.co.uk
    [Both with freepost.]

    Having been quoted £31, when I began this hunt...I'm pleased.

    (From the list of sites which had been recommended, it is also notable that prices varied enormously, so clearly one supplier unlikely to be best for all Makes and models.) Give them a try.

    p.s. Martin.....thanks for the appreciation.
    Keep up the good work, fella !
    Cheers, keep smiling, Wilf. :)
    Keep smiling!
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    I use different brand printers at work and home and the ink cartridges vary in price by loads! I now need a new printer and although they can be fairly cheap for reasonable quality the real expense is the replacement ink cartridges, so does anyone have any advice about the best value make of printer to look for?
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    I have recently bought 5 colour Epson compatible cartridges from https://www.inkandstuff.co.uk for £17.98 that's less than £3.60 each. There is no discernible difference in print quality, although I cannot vouch for how long it will last. From ordering on-line I received the goods in 4 days. Considering I pay more than £17.98 for one colour Epson brand cartridge, this can't be a bad deal!!!
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    This is for Helen James.
    I will strongly advice you to buy Epson Stylus Inkjet printer.
    This is because from my experience the replacement carteidges are far cheaper than any brand of printers availabe. I am using Epson C82, and the replace cartridges are very cheap; somewhere between £3.50 and £3.99, and the quality of the prints are excellent. It is also very fast and robost and easy to replace the cartridges. I can assure you that there is no inkjet printer in its class at the moment.
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    I've gone the way of Epson recently and bought the C82, as you know pigment ink is used but can we be sure that pigment is in these "compatible" cartridges which like you I can pick up a set for £16( instead of genuine carts £50), or will they just be using "dye based " ink?....but does it really matter?
  • I have not checked to see wether or not they are the cheapest but for best overall service combined with cheap prices then -
    Page-Net in Swansea http://www.page-net.com/ offer all this.
    In my experience they offer friendly & intelligent human contact over the phone, really great prices on most cartridges, next day delivery, discount off your order for your empty cartridges which they then recycle, all this plus payment upon receipt of your cartridge(s) - they trust us.

    Can't fault them.
    Love the service and the philosophy.
    (not related!!!)

    Thanks to Martin for this site.
    if i had known then what i know now
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    I bought my last cartridge at Tesco, they are using old lex carts and selling them on at around £10 cheaper, they also have a freepost envelope in the box, you sned your old carts in and get 50p each and 50p to charity or a £1 to charity.
    They have a lot of cheaper compatible carts in there and very good quality.
  • https://www.digitalsales.co.uk

    Prices start from £3.. Epson,hp, lexmark etc compatables.

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