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Okay this is how it stands…

Last year I took up plumbing insurance (homeserve) with Thames water because they offered me 6 months free - actually had meant to cancel after the free period but hadn’t got round to it yet…

On Thursday we had to turn off our water supply and unfortunately the tap on our stopcock sheared off. We called homeserve and were told that we would be covered because we were now left with no water supply. First we were promised that a plumber would be sent out during the night (2am-4am) however we then got a call from the plumbers saying that they couldn’t come until Friday morning.

On Friday afternoon the plumber eventually arrived to tell us that as we have no external stopcock we need to have our pipes frozen and that as he didn’t carry the ‘freezing kit’ we would have to wait for a different team to come out.

The new team (with the freezing kit) arrive at 5pm but find they can’t access the pipe because the sink unit is in the way – they are cross because they say that the other plumber should have told us that it would need removing.

We remove the unit and give homeserve a call – give them all the details, particularly that we need our pipes frozen – are then promised a visit by 11pm Friday. Hmmm…at 11.30pm the plumber arrives however he hasn’t been told that a freezing kit is needed…arrggghhh

So now it is 4.30pm Saturday (today the plumber was promised for between 2 – 4pm) Oh as I am typing my husband has been given a new time (5.30pm)…anyway my question is what should we be looking at in terms of compensation? I am much less bothered about financial gain than ensuring good future service for all…after all there is no way that they can financially compensate for the way my teenage daughter felt about going to her Saturday job this morning without being able to wash properly.


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    Okay the plumber has just been – he had a freezer kit BUT he found that one of the earlier plumbers has caused a leak…meaning he cannot freeze the pipes!

    Now homeserve are offering us a hose from the mains – how will that work – will we be able to flush the loo?

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