Spamming Scam - from Sainsburys :spam: (MERGED THREADS)

Or Rather NOT from Sainsburys :spam:

Hi All

Just a warning for UK members of a Bogus email doing the rounds - which to me sounds like it is harvesting e-mail addresses to create a database for spamming purposes:

UPDATE 12 Oct 2005

We have been made aware of an e-mail which looks like it originates from Sainsbury's offering customers £60 if they forward an e-mail to ten friends. This e-mail does not originate from Sainsbury's, and we are not running such a promotion. We are currently following this matter up with those responsible for the original e-mails.

From the 1st page of Sainsbury's website.

I have had 2 people forward it to me, along with ten others and the no doubt bogus Sainsbury email address, so am now doubtless on a spammers list .

Really annoyed as I have been 100% spam free on my main e-mail address as I give it to very, very few people.

Heads up folks and delete this if you get it and be equally suspicious of anything similar you may get in the future.

happy computing :spam:
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