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    GibsonSt19 wrote:
    Is this new channel on SkyDigital too?

    Try channel 165. It's only available if you have a subscription though.

  • kestra
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    for sky digital users More 4 should be freeview as should e4. It isnt channel 4 but Sky who encrypt this service to the detriment of the public.

    The only way we will get this changed is if we write to ofcom to inform them of this unfair practice!!!!!!!!!!
  • more poor would be a better name for it
  • OK. I have changed from the basic sky package (because it is too expensive) and paid Sky £20 for their "Freestat from Sky" obviously keeping my very ancient sky box - I just stuck the new card in it. Now I still get BBC on 101, BBC2 on 102 etc etc, the channels I can't get are still there like Sky one on 106 etc. How do I rescan so I know I am getting all the freeview channels I should be getting? I can't rescan because I can't bring up channel 13 nor does the menu on the sky remote bring up a rescan option. Am I better off ditching the old sky box and getting a Freeview box instead? To make matters more complicated we have a plasma screen linked into a box along with the sky box, video and cinema surround - nightmare. Please help!
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    I came across this site while looking for info on free satelite channels. One price, no rental and something like 4000 channels. Got to be better than sky!
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  • If you bought one of the first batch of cheap freeview boxes, those rushed out after the collapse of ITV Digital you may need to buy a new box to receive all the new channels. This is because they have limited memory and there are now more channels than they can remember.

    Good news is that if you bought it in tha last year you can take it back for your money back- tell them that under the sale of goods act it must be fit for purpose and as it cant receive all the channels it obviously isnt. You might have to threaten them with trading standards but if its a big chain theyll probably take the loss and give you a replacement. You still cant beet the original On Digital boxes, i have 2 still going strong and better built than the new ones. The software isnt as upto date but they are much more reliable. Good Luck
  • Vikingfan
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    I phoned Sky asking could they send me a card so I could recieve more4 they said I would have to upgrade (I only have the freeview on sky).
    I thought it was down to a deal between 4 and Sky.
    Is anyone else going to write to OFcom?
  • stu_c wrote:
    Just a word of warning, please check what channels you should be able to receive for your area, then check what what you are actually receiving at the moment.

    I started with a freeview box tuned in London, which still worked fine when I moved out of London presumeably because the aerial at my house points to the transmitter there. However, when I decided to retune for more4, I ended up with less4, if fact no channel 4, no e4 and no itv. I can only get the bbc channels, which is roughly in-line with what I should be receiving according to the coverage information.

    It's a rented place, so I can't do much about the aerial, so it's back to a mate's house in London to tune it there!

    Might be worth trying to rescan it again. I live in Leeds and every time I re-scan I usually lose channels like BBC1 & 2 and it usually takes me a few attempts to get everything back on track.
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    brendanego wrote:
    Might be worth trying to rescan it again. I live in Leeds and every time I re-scan I usually lose channels like BBC1 & 2 and it usually takes me a few attempts to get everything back on track.

    I lost BBC1 and BBC2 last night. Second scan got them back. I have an old pioneer on-digital box.

    A second tip is if it asks for a user pin when you select 'store channels' then remove any old smartcards still in the slot (I still had the on-digital card in there) and this should solve it. I had inherited my box and just presumed that the old user had neglected to tell me the pin!
  • As with with above two post, it would be worth rescanning, as i live in an area where i am not suppose to be eligible for ANY freeview channels, according to the freeview website, and when i got a freeview box as a present i plugged it in and received them all!! But sometimes its a bit ropey, particularly with itv, ch4, itv2, more4 and e4. so i choose a time when the signal strength is good and rescan. Funnily enough E4+1 is never a problem !!! :)
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