MONEY MORAL DILEMMA: Should Arkwright give Granville his money back?



  • No brainer... demand the £100 back with menaces. On second thoughts, they can keep the menaces, you just want the money with knobs on.
  • As many people have already said, it would seem that there is no real argument. Granville entered into an implied contract to pay £399, and mistakenly paid £499. The legal doctrine of mistake should allow him to argue that he did not intend to pay that figure and it was clear that the seller had not intended to sell for it, so Granville should be entitled to his £100 back, or to void the contract.
    Although I would argue that there is a strong moral duty for Arkwright to seek out Granville and return him his money, I don't think he is necessarily breaking any law by not doing so.

    If you are acquainted with Arkwright and Granville, you can be pretty sure that Arkwright would do his utmost to make sure that Granville didn't get a penny of it, and would probably try and sell him something else while he was complaining. Granville could go to law to get what his rightfully his, but it would probably be more effective to call upon that other moral judge, Nurse Gladys Emmanuel, who has far more influence over Arkwright than any court ever could.
  • KEIR wrote: »
    TESCO do NOT refund double. As a result of a recent blatant 250% overcharge on huge store promoted grapes 500g at 99p actual price £2.49, and the dispicable way in which that store which I pass on my 42 mile each way commute to and from work resolved the issue I have not been to the Man in 2 months, so far they have lost over a grand in sales namely 680 from fuel and near on 500 or so on foods.

    You mustve been lucky.

    The dilema over the laptop is theft the £100 should have been refunded and dependant on the owner either compo on top or a discount voucher for future purchases as a good will gesture if it was PC World and you really kicked off you'd get an item free up to a specified value at the managers discression. Been there done that.

    Ikea and John Lewis for instance give food vouchers or refund mileage costs. They dont actively promote it you gotta ask but with IKEA if your a local local your in the vacinity and you will get nowt.

    Whatever the legal position it's good business practice for Arkwright to refund the £100, or if the price really is £499 and not £399 offer a full refund for the return of the (unused) laptop.

    As for Tescos... some time ago I had to return something which had been over-charged (found out when I got home and checked the receipt as I'd paid for a lot of items at one go). We don't have a car so I had to take the bus over to sort it out. Not only did they refund the difference (I can't remember now whether they refunded double or not) but they also refunded my bus fare! To be fair I asked them to do so but they had no problem in agreeing and even apologised for the error.
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