MONEY MORAL DILEMMA: Should Arkwright give Granville his money back?



  • andyL12 wrote: »
    The problem I think is that when you are asked to enter your pin number on the machine, it displays the price. so in effect, if you enter your pin number and dont notice the price, then it is your own fault. The same applies to anything, you dont sign an agreement without reading it first! This is the same you agree to the price by entering your pin number. I'm sure if it was the opposite way, the laptop was priced in store at £499 and sold for £399 he would be the angel and tell the assistant that it was too low NOT!!!! So its really his own fault. You dont read then dont complain.
    Not all chip and pin terminals display the amount being charged (a source of great annoyance when it happens). And sometimes they do show the amount but on a different screen and the 'OK' button to confirm the amount is pressed by the cashier so you don't get to see it.

    In any case, I suspect that in law all you are doing with your PIN is authorising payment, not authorising the amount of the payment.
  • rikgear
    rikgear Posts: 11 Forumite
    I,ve had some issues with halfords on this subject.

    first some seat covers on a shelf, get them to the till and they,re £20 dearer. When i argue the point they said anyone could have moved them. I called trading standards and as others have said, you can offer to pay the lower amount but the retailer is not obliged to accept and no offence is committed. However if the product continues to be labelled at the lower price it is deception (which i told the halfords staff the following week when the covers were in the same place). the week end after they had re labeled them.

    Got my own back a week later when buying a 12" Sub Woofer along with some other sterio equipment. I'd asked them to price match some stuff from a car magazine, but in changing the price they forgot the '.00' meaning i got a £99.00 (halfords price) Sub for £00.45.

    Still I did still spend over £300 with them, even with the discount.icon7.gif
  • ntownads
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    Yes, arkwright has to give his money back, if the laptop is advertised as being £399 it has to be sold at that price (or lower), granville (assuming he has his receipt which will state time, store, assistant and price, etc) he will get a refund and no doubt a hefty apology and probaby a free laptop bag if he moans enough!
  • moorhen_2
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    Another vote for a refund.

    In fact last weekend I was overcharged by a shop, noticed at home & called them, and they were kind enough to refund the difference to my credit card over the phone without even seeing the receipt (though they might have had their copy to hand). I'll be shopping there again :T
  • biff77 wrote: »
    I am not a lawyer, but my understanding of the law is that by overcharging Arkwright has committed a criminal offence (Fraud I think).

    If an article is displayed at £399 but when you get to the till the shop informs you it is £499, and you agree to pay £499 then no problem.

    Just because it is displayed at £399 doesn't mean the shopkeeper has to sell it you for that price. He can explain that it is a mistake and refuse to sell it to you at that price.

    However if it is not pointed out at the till that the price is different, and you are then overcharged then a crime has been committed.

    this is how I understand the law too.

    If the price genuinely should have been £499 then if Granville is unhappy to pay that (believing it to be £399) I believe Arkwright can ask for the return of the laptop, in exchange for the full amount paid - ie cancel the transaction. If the laptop should have been £399 then it really was a computer error, & of course he refunds the difference.

    iviv said that he would have known that he would have known he had been overcharged when he entered the pin number.... well, sometimes you can get distracted & don't check it properly.

    In fact this did happen to me - on a much smaller scale, and from a small local shop. I bought several items & didn't check each individual price when they were scanned. When I got home I noticed the price on the receipt differed from the price on the item - it was barcoded too, so obviously a computer error. The item was marked at its normal RRP - there wasn't any element of me doing the shopkeeper out of a few quid. I was a bit miffed as the price difference was about 40%. The shopkeeper did refund the difference, and apologised profusely for the error. However, his wife came into the shop during the discussion & tried to convince me that I had been correctly charged. I quoted the "invitation to buy" stuff at her & said I wouldn't have bought it at the higher price, after which she disappeared into the back again, muttering under her breath. I'm sorry to say I didn't like her attitude & I haven't been back to that shop since.
  • tallgirld
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    Of course the shop should hand over the £100 overpayment!!!

    Saying that though, if he was undercharged £100 I say KEEP IT QUIET!!!

    Guess that makes me a hypocrite. OH WELL NO ONE'S PERFECT :-)
  • I recall a similar issue in the early days of Chip & Pin. Someone wanting to leave a tip entered £1000 rather than £10.00 Not noticed until statement time. The credit card company refused to issue a refund as the person authorised the amount with the Pin. The restaurant had trouble refunding the money as the "tips" had already been split between the staff. I think but hope someone else may remember but in end the person got their money back.
  • Sheepster
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    As it's Arkwright's shop - and not a large national chain - he'd be mad not to refund the mistake, as he's a small independant shop, and word of mouth and all that....well!
  • If I was Granville I would just return the laptop as incorrect item purchased and take my full refund of £499 and leave the shop smiling :j
  • I know it sounds bad but the customer is always right. The shop should refund the money whereas if the shoe was on the other foot like last weeks dilemma I would have kept the laptop. Sounds bad and greedy but that's the way the law and life works
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