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    • Chandelier.
    • By Chandelier. 30th Dec 17, 10:59 AM
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    Adventures of the Boy & Me: Part 2..
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    • 30th Dec 17, 10:59 AM
    Adventures of the Boy & Me: Part 2.. 30th Dec 17 at 10:59 AM

    I figured it was time for a new diary and fresh start as we head into the new year. I'm excited to see what 2018 has in store for us and plan to sail through it with as much positivity as possible.

    This year has seen many changes, both good and bad. The thing is, we made it through, that's all that matters.

    I'm a different person to whom I was at the beginning of the year. Alot has happened but its time to refocus on myself and the time with the boy. It's time to create new adventures and memories and work towards a secure future for us both.

    I've recently came into some inheritance which thankfully will clear what debt I had left. This amount was £7000. I have enough left to pop into seperate saving accounts and the money I used to pay towards the debt will be redirected elsewhere to build a secure future for me and the boy.

    I need to get back into a routine and start a new budget which is manageable and flexible. I intend to go through all my bills, accounts and budgets and see where I stand and then plan ahead for the next few months.

    This is also the year I focus on rebuilding myself back up. I've come a long way from where I was at the beginning of the year and I finally have a medication regime which seems to work for me. The next stage is to undergo CBT therapy and possibly counselling to make myself a much stronger person and to address issues that I've put to the back of my mind.

    All in all, I'm excited for the year ahead and look forward to tracking my goals, dreams and aspirations and to share them with others.

    Somethings will be left in the past, others I will carry into the future with me. It's just deciding exactly what I want and working towards it.

    Anything is possible, if you put your mind to it.
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    • Chandelier.
    • By Chandelier. 4th Jan 18, 9:57 AM
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    Yesterday ended up a very busy but productive day.

    My CPN came round first thing in the morning to see how I had been doing. I admitted to her that I'd been finding recent weeks difficult due to change of routine and lack of sleep. I explained how irritable and agitated I had become and we discussed options. We decided on an emergency back up plan that involved just in case medication that she would get my consultant to prescribe so off she went to sort that out.

    I've been suffering with symptoms of a kidney infection which I phoned up my doctors and they sorted out a prescription over the phone. It was one less appointment to attend.

    I then went round to my friends with the boy where the children played and we had a good catch up for a couple of hours. It felt good to get a lot of things off my chest and another opinion on things.

    I then went to pick up both my prescriptions and took them to my local pharmacy where I also arranged to pick up my weekly meds.

    Whilst at the doctors I picked up an xray card for a follow up xray following a pretty bad bout of pneumonia I had before Christmas. When I was suffering from pneumonia, I just carried on as usual and worked throughout it all. The doctors and people around me were surprised I was still standing and able to function.

    I then took the boy for a haircut which cost £7. We went to our usual place but it seems to have been taken over by someone new. They still did a good job and the boy looks very smart all ready to go back to school next morning.

    We then headed up to my work place where I underwent a chest xray. This still showed slight infection. The consultant radiologist was there and reviewed it at the time for me and has requested I have another repeat chest xray in four weeks. I need to get that sorted with my own doctor. The people there were wonderful with me. I guess I have some perks with my job.

    Whilst there I nipped into work to print off some forms to fill in and scan/email them so we can get copies of the DVD of the ice skating show the boy was recently. I've paid the costs for them and for tickets to an afterparty. £40 spent for all that but will recieve half of this back from the boy's nanny.

    We then went home where I cooked tea before taking the boy out to his ice skating lesson.

    Whilst there I phoned the tax office and sorted out my tax codes. Hopefully these will be right from now on and I should no longer be emergency taxed. I possibly may get a rebate later on in the year but I'm not holding out much hope.

    We then came home and chilled out for a bit before retiring to bed.

    So all in all, we never stopped yesterday but it was good to be productive.

    My giffgaff sim arrived in the post so I will set that up later on in the month. I recieved a telephone call from EE asking me to stay but I stated I was going sim only on a monthly rolling basis. They were quick to hang up . I just need to cancel my phone insurance now which will save £6.99 a month.

    Today we are meeting up with a work friend and her daughter for lunch for a catch up. Her daughter has been struggling with mental health issues and seems to be able to open up more when talking to me which I think has been a bit of relief for her mum. She's only 17 and has the whole world ahead of her but is crippled by anxiety. I would like to think by talking to someone who has experienced similar will help her somehow along the way.

    The friend I've been seeing asked if I wanted to go for lunch but as I've already got plans I'll have to politely decline. He has a lot going on in his life so we haven't spoke much. At times we've argued and I've possibly pushed him away far too much. I'm not quite sure where to go from here. Many of the arguments are down to me and what I've experienced in recent weeks. We may just end up staying friends overall which is quite sad but that's life I guess!
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    • Chandelier.
    • By Chandelier. 5th Jan 18, 5:19 PM
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    What a whirlwind the past three days have been. They've gone so fast.

    Yesterday we met up with my work friend but her daughter didn't come due to having a bad day so her son came instead who was absolutely lovely. We had a good natter over dinner and it was good to get things off my chest. I discussed the situation about the current man friend in my life and recieved a different perspective which opened my eyes a bit more. It's interesting to see how the other person copes and deals with an individual going through a crisis/bad times. I need to be more mindful of that.

    I then went round to man friend house (he's just recently moved into a new house) and helped him clean around his kitchen and put everything into place. Throughout this we slowly broke the ice and began talking more and seemed to have come to a better place. We went to a local furniture store where he ordered a new sofa and I picked up a new alarm clock from argos as my current one has broken. Its the old style fashioned one with bells that ring, woo . He then came with me to watch the boy ice skate and we both ended up going on the ice which was fun. We ended the night with a takeaway which was nice.

    Today we went to pick up a new rug for his place and I got some petrol whilst I was out which was £25.00. I bought some other bits and bobs from pound store which totalled to £6. After that we went bowling with the boy and had a simple sausage roll for lunch . So all in all a nice day and I'm now back watching yet another of the boy's ice skating lesson. I think I'm going to nio back to man friends house after and lend him a fridge we no longer use until he manages to sort one out for his new house and we'll probably go food shopping too.

    I'm happy that things seem to be back on track and hope he understands what I went through. I have a plan of action to alleviate and work through future episodes if they arise which is a big step for me.

    I an guilty of having a bad habit of smoking and could easily near enough go through a packet a day. I've decided although I don't want to give up just yet, I've swapped to smoking tobacco and roll ups which is saving me money. So although not totally MSE its money savings in some ways. Ultimately the plan will be to give up completely but only when I am in a better place.

    Thats pretty much it for now. I'm working both days at the weekend so they should pretty much be no spend days
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    • Chandelier.
    • By Chandelier. 7th Jan 18, 10:40 AM
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    It's been a busy couple of days again.

    Yesterday I spent the morning chilling out before work and then I worked 1-9pm. I had a good shift and love working with all my colleagues, they make the days so much better. I'm aware how lucky I am for this and count my blessings every day. There is always someone there for me and I always receive plenty of hugs. For a person who used to hate close contact and invasion of my personal space, I'm alot more open to it now and affectionate to those who matter.

    I'm also off to work today on the same shift. The morning has been spent with the boy doing his ice skating. He skates 4 days a week and is doing really well. This does affect my bank balance though but I always set a budget for this each month .

    Tomorrow the plan is to get my car valeted as it was cancelled last week due to poor weather. That will cost me £50. Not very MSE but its a job I hate doing. I tend to get it done every six months and try to keep it clean in the mean time. I need to find my car mats to put down.

    I've alot of things to sort out this week. I need to start decluttering and reorganising my bedroom to prepare for it to be decorated at some point. I shall go through all clothes and cupboards/wardrobes with the aim to declutter. I shall set myself a target each time I do it to get rid of at least 15-20 items each time. I may send a lot to the charity shops. It's one way of giving.

    I've emailed my mobile phone insurers to cancel my phone insurance now my phone is two years old as I think its no longer necessary. This will save me £6.99 a month. Towards the middle of the month I shall swap my phone over to sim only with giff gaff as planned.

    I need to sort a future budget for the next upcoming months that allow me to save money towards annual costs such as service/mot/cat insurance.

    I also need to work out what I need to save towards our holiday in September, I think the balance is due around May. I've already some money set aside in a seperate bank account which could go towards it.

    Another budget is my sisters upcoming wedding in October which involves hen do costs, hair and makeup, shoes and money as a gift. I'll probably give them money towards something they would like to purchase unless they have something specific in mind. I've lots of time to think about it.

    I still need to think about what goals I'd like to set and work towards in 2018. This will probably take some time as they need to be realistic and I need to remember not to put too much pressure on myself.

    Anyhow the boy's lesson is due to finish shortly so I best get back.
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    • Chandelier.
    • By Chandelier. 20th Jan 18, 4:01 PM
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    So its been nearly two weeks since I last updated.. alot has gone on since then.

    My mental health took a serious turn for the worse and I ended up between a rock and a hard place. I threw away all my medication and ended up having to sort it all out. I was assessed over last weekend and finally saw someone from my care team this friday just gone. Hopefully we have a plan in place and things will start to get better mentally/emotionally.

    My physical health is also poor. I had pneumonia in November and still haven't recovered properly from that so a trip to the doctors on Friday resulted in a diagnosis of recurring infection which meant further antibiotics and an inhaler to see me through. I'm due to be seen again for a follow-up on Tuesday. I've also managed to bring an urology appointment forward from June to the end of this month which is good, the perks of working for the good ole national health system. My immune system is totally shot and I need to build it back up, I'm susceptible to everything at the moment and there is so much going around at work that I have to be careful.

    So I need to put a plan in place to tackle both options as above. I have a couple of ideas, I just need to write them down and implement them.

    The boy seems to be ticking along just fine. He's having a few issues at school regarding bullying so I'll be going into school at some point this week to hopefully sort things out. His teacher is quite understanding/empathetic and seems to be on the ball with these things.

    Money wise, this month has been a tight and spendy month so far. I've had my car valeted which cost £50 but was worth it and I also had my hair done which cost £47. I feel much better for both being done. I've also been guilty of having a few takeaways, this must be stopped. I'm just writing January off as a bad month and will refocus at the end of the month/beginning of February.

    I need to sort out an annual budget/upcoming expenses and start to divert money elsewhere into seperate pots to cover the cost of these. I also need to sort monthly budget costs. I'm losing track of my accounts and which pot is for what. I have two seperate current accounts which I should utilise more- one for bills and direct debits and another for daily spends.

    I've gone through all my direct debits and bills and looked at where I can cut back. I've cancelled my mobile phone insurance and my contract with EE. I'm waiting for the final bill. I've transferred my number over to giff gaff and chosen a plan which is £10 per month and should suit my needs, if not I can always review this at a later point.

    The past couple of weeks have just been rather busy. My routine is still out of sync and I can't wait for it to resume to some sort of normality.

    Today is my day off and has been a chill out day. I've been organising some paperwork and other things that needed doing which I feel better for.

    I also had a tyre puncture repaired this morning which cost £12.50. It must of happened at some point yesterday and I just about managed to drive it home. I really need to look into breakdown cover because at the moment I have none. I'll see whether its cheaper utilise a package my bank offers which includes travel insurance and phone insurance ot whether its cheaper seperate.

    Anyhow best get my thinking cap on and sort some things out whilst I have the time. I'm going to try and focus on my yearly/annual costs and work out what needs to go where.
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    • Florence J
    • By Florence J 20th Jan 18, 4:16 PM
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    Florence J
    Hello, I read something from someone on twitter recently saying that there is so much pressure to have everything sorted in January (to be under way with every new project and resolution), but you are all still recovering from Christmas, that really we should just concentrate on surviving January and work on where we want to be going forward in February.

    Take care of yourself first, January is tough for a lot of people. You are doing well.
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